'They want this guy gone': Morning Joe says all signs show Rupert Murdoch 'turned on' Trump

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said the knives are out for Donald Trump after the Republicans failed to produce a red wave.

The conditions were ripe for an overwhelming GOP midterm win, but the former president's enduring unpopularity and his poorly chosen endorsements dragged down the party among voters across the country, and the "Morning Joe" host pointed to signs that conservative media is turning on Trump.

"I know about a couple things," Scarborough said. "One, I could look up on the platform in the communist era -- I was a Kremlinologist. Also, a very good Vaticanologist, right? I could always tell -- watch for the white smoke."

"It's the same thing," he added, continuing the riff. "So I'm walking down, going down to the orphanage, we've done enough election work, I'm going past Fox News -- poof, white smoke -- and then I went to News Corp. headquarters, walked past, it's not the same thing you know. Huge, billowing puff of white smoke over News Corp. -- 'Trumpty Dumpty,' you've got to go back to the early summer of 2015 to see this. Now, the 'Way Too Early' opinion page has been tough on Trump consistently, but the [New York] Post now brutal, the Daily News also, and he's just not looking well there. I don't know."

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The New York Post issued a withering assessment of Trump's election record, and so did the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal, and Fox News hosts spent much of Wednesday blaming him for the GOP's flat performance.

"He's going to go insane, he's going to blame his wife again," Scarborough said. "Pro tip to guys, things are going bad, don't blame your wife. Let's get back to the New York Post, this is pretty big. Murdoch has never liked Donald Trump, never liked him -- put up with him. He knew that it was good business, but, man, they have turned on him, and they're looking, you know, Vaticanologists tell me they are looking at [Virginia Gov. Glenn] Youngkin. They like Youngkin, a lot, and they'll do with [Florida Gov. Ron] DeSantis, but they want this guy gone."

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