House Democrats worried about newly-elected QAnon lawmakers being near Biden: Morning Joe co-hosts
Marjorie Taylor Greene and unidentified police officer. (Screenshot/Twitter)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist wondered whether some newly-elected members of Congress posed a violent threat to Democratic lawmakers and President-elect Joe Biden.

At least two Republican congresswomen -- Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) -- have expressed support for the baseless and violent QAnon conspiracy, and some of their new colleagues fear they pose a security threat to other members, Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

"I think we have to look to new members of Congress that -- I'm not talking about anybody specifically, but who have pushed the these conspiracy theories," Scarborough said. "I don't remember which member it was, so I'll just say this generally. I heard one member talking about how she was going to carry her gun on Capitol Hill whether people liked it or not. The correct answer to that is no, no, you're not -- that's against the law, and when I was a member, we would just move freely around the security checks. We didn't go through screening. We didn't have to pass through the mags, we didn't have to be patted down. I just wonder if it's not a new time where we're going to have to require all members to be screened like everybody else to make sure they're not carrying weapons inside the Capitol Hill chamber."

Scarborough worried what actions they might take if those Congress members truly believe that elected Democrats are part of a satanic cult that's sacrificing and abusing children, as QAnon adherents apparently do.

"If they believe in wild conspiracy theories and are part of an online community that's calling for the assassination of Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress and Mike Pence, then they are a security risk, and they have to be watched more closely. So I think we have to make all members of Congress be screened wherever they go inside the Capitol."

Geist revealed that some Democratic lawmakers are afraid of what those newly elected Republicans might do with their broad access to restricted areas, and Capitol police are concerned about elected officials who are sympathetic to the insurrectionists who violently stormed Congress last week.

"I had a conversation last night with a House Democrat who said, 'My god, I stopped in my tracks and I realized yesterday there are members of Congress, many of them in this new freshman class, who shouldn't be anywhere near Nancy Pelosi, shouldn't be anywhere near Joe Biden or Kamala Harris at the inauguration,'" Geist said. "A member of Congress, this House Democrat said they shouldn't be near them. Their suggestion, as you say in ads, that they are going to carry weapons with them around the Capitol. Think about that, a member of the House of a new colleague coming in saying, 'I don't think we should be around this person, and I certainly don't think this person should be around the leadership of our country. They are too dangerous.'"

"You have people who have gone along for the ride in the Republican Party," Geist added. "You have people like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who have been the faces of the Senate in this. Then you have people who deeply, deeply believe these conspiracies, who were elected on these conspiracies, QAnon followers, conspiracy theorists who sit among the 535 members of the United States Congress. According to at least one member, and I know there are more, based on what he told me, present a security threat to other members and to the leadership of this country. Astonishing thing to ponder this morning."

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