'What the hell?' Morning Joe baffled by audience reaction to Trump lies

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough criticized CNN's town hall broadcast of Donald Trump, and he faulted the rival network for packing the audience with the former president's supporters.

The audience cheered and laughed at the former president's lies and insults, and the "Morning Joe" host wondered what was wrong with those people.

"Of course, speaking of women, I didn't even talk about mothers who are now afraid to send their children to school because of what happens all too often and because of Donald Trump's Republican Party unwilling to do anything to protect our children in schools, in churches, synagogues, at country music festivals and shopping malls and grocery stores, you name it," Scarborough said. "I just have to ask, I just have to ask, what the hell? What the hell was it with that audience? What the hell? What were they thinking putting that audience in there?"

"Those weren't undecided voters," he added. "It was a pep rally for Donald Trump where they mocked and ridiculed the CNN anchor, where they mocked and ridiculed a woman who was sexually abused by the man on stage. They were applauding. What was with that audience? How was that audience selected?"

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Watch the video below or at this link.

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