Trump-loving MyPillow CEO has released an unhinged voter fraud film -- here are 5 of the most ridiculous parts
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Trump-loving MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Friday released his big three-hour special on voter fraud in the 2020 election -- and it is filled to the brim with conspiracy theories that are backed up with zero evidence.

The special aired on One America News, and it's easy to see why the network's lawyers slapped a giant legal disclaimer at the beginning warning that "the statements and claims expressed in this program are... not intended to be taken or interpreted by the viewer as established facts."

Much of the program recycles previously debunked claims made by Lindell and other Trump supporters about Dominion Voting Systems and the Chinese Communist Party conspiring to steal the 2020 election from former President Donald Trump -- although the theories seem even wilder and less plausible when they're all thrown together in a giant three-hour special.

Below are the five most ridiculous moments from the MyPillow CEO voter fraud expose.

1.) Two-time election loser Shiva Ayyadurai suggests Satanic forces doomed his elections.

Ayyadurai has made two attempts to run for the United States Senate in Massachusetts, both as a Republican and as an Independent -- and both times ended in humiliating failure.

However, Lindell brought Ayyadurai on as an example of a victim of voter fraud, despite the fact that he lost both his elections by substantive margins.

In particular, Ayyadurai claimed that he was swindled out of an election victory because Dominion artificially lowered his final vote tally by multiplying it by .666 -- which just happens to be the biblical number used to represent the antichrist in the Book of Revelations.

".666 they multiplied it by!" exclaimed Lindell. "Does everybody hear that?"

2.) Lindell babbles nonsensically about a "miracle" that supposedly "broke" Dominion voting machines' algorithms.

Predictably, Lindell once again claimed that Dominion machines switched votes from Trump to President Joe Biden, and his explanation for how this purportedly occurred was just as nonsensical as ever.

"The first miracle was on election night," Lindell said. "And on election night, at 11:15 at night, the algorithms of these machines broke... What that means is, Donald Trump got so many more millions of votes that they didn't expect that they're going to have to go recalibrate!"

No evidence for "broken" algorithms is ever presented.

3.) Lindell's purported "voter fraud expert" admits he can't explain his own conspiracy theory.

Another Lindell guest on the program was Russ Ramsland, the supposed "expert" who infamously confused Michigan and Minnesota when he provided evidence of voter fraud for a Trump campaign affidavit.

In one section of their interview, Ramsland claimed that law enforcement officials were on the brink of breaking the voter fraud case wide open before being shut down by higher-ups.

"They met a solid wall of resistance that basically said, 'Leave it alone, don't pursue it,'" Ramsland said.

"Woooow!" replied Lindell. "Now, in your mind, why would they do that?"

"I... don't know, Mike," Ramsland replied.

4.) Lindell vows that his voter fraud will expose all the "evil" people in America, including Facebook CEO Mark "Zuckerbuck."

Lindell predicted that his lengthy election expose would have biblical repercussions for the world, as it would send all evil-doers in the United States scrambling -- although he seemed to have difficulty correctly pronouncing the evil-doers' names.

"This is gonna reveal all the evil in our country, all the criminals in the country, all the ones that tried to suppress this!" Lindell crowed. "And that's just from social media like Jack Dorsey, like Mark Zuckerbuck!"

5.) A retired general rants about communists taking over the United States.

Ret. Gen. Thomas McInerney, who has been a major promoter of debunked voter fraud conspiracies, told Lindell about the Chinese communist plot to install Biden and destroy America from within.

"We are going against globalists who are not interested in America!" he fumed. "They are interested in us becoming a socialist-communist state! They talk about progressivism but progressivism is just the front door to communism! They want a global communist world, and you must understand that, America!"

McInerney went on to claim that Trump really won 79 million votes, while Biden only won 68 million -- and once again offered no proof to back up this claim.

"He dominated!" the retired general said of Trump. "It was an awesome victory!"