John Oliver trolls Capitol attacker who claimed she wouldn't go to jail: 'She's right — she's going to prison'

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver ended his season Sunday with hilarious mockery of Jenna Ryan, the Texas realtor who claimed she'd never go to jail because she's blond, white and successful.

Oliver began by noting that the year began with the Jan. 6 insurrection, and he was shocked that it continued moving forward after that. But when it came to Ryan, Oliver said that she sounds like a member of the Real Housewives. It wasn't a compliment.

"To be fair, Jenna Ryan is right. She's not going to jail, because she's actually going to prison," Oliver said to cheers from his audience. He noted that Ryan is headed to prison for 60 days and has made it clear that she hasn't learned anything from her plea deal.

In an interview with WFAA, Ryan explained that she had left the rally to go back to her hotel, but when she saw the insurrection unfold she rushed back to the scene to film videos of herself saying she was going to storm the Capitol.

"I said, 'We're storming the Capitol!' and I meant that we're storming it with our words and our — we're going down there to tell them — and you know, free speech..."

The video of Ryan records her voice as she screams with the attacks on the screen. "You know what? We're armed and dangerous! This is the beginning!"

Oliver couldn't understand what she was thinking, calling her a "Marjorie Taylor WannaGreene. Storming with words? That's not a thing. That's never been a thing! If you look at 'thing' in the dictionary, it says 'not storming with words.'"

The host went on to mock Ryan for studying what prison life will be like by watching YouTube videos. Oliver couldn't understand why a grown adult had to go to YouTube to discover "how prison is. I'll tell ya! It's bad, Jenna. Really bad!"

Ryan also announced the launch of her own YouTube channel this week, where she didn't look directly at the camera reading that she intends to give updates on "alternative news. I just made that up."

"We're in hell," Oliver asserted. He went on to describe Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who is another of those who is coming under fire after tweeting an assassination fantasy video of him as an anime character killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Oliver claimed that no one assumed that Gosar's video meant he was going to physically attack AOC, in large part "if he did, he would lose." The problem, however, is that Gosar's video can inspire real-life actions for a member that already gets inundated with death threats from those both in and outside of Congress.

"It's very easy for a joke to become reality," Oliver closed. "And a troubling number of people don't seem to understand the difference between 'storming the Capitol' metaphorically and physically." To be fair to Democratic critics, Gosar's own family believes that he is "mentally ill" and his mind is "deeply perverted." They've also claimed that Gosar shouldn't be given any kind of authority.

The host then mocked Ryan's YouTube search of what to do in prison with his own trolling statement.

Ryan, who now claims that she's the victim of Jan. 6, was discovered to have $35,000 in unpaid taxes and said in Feb. 2021 that she "regrets everything." It's clear she no longer believes that.

Oliver then closed out his season talking about unions, workers' rights and companies that try to fight efforts to mobilize.

See the video below: