Patriot Boys militia member indicted for conspiracy in Jan. 6 attack

Federal prosecutors have obtained an indictment against Donald Hazard, the sergeant of arms for the Patriot Boys militia group of Texas, on conspiracy to obstruct Congress and assault on law enforcement for his role in the Jan. 6, 2021 assault on the US Capitol.

The 19-page indictment returned on April 1 largely replicates the language in a complaint filed against Hazard and Patriot Boys president Lucas Denney on Dec. 7, 2021. Denney and Hazard were both accused of conspiracy, but so far Denney has only been indicted on a single charge of assaulting law enforcement. The government hastily sought the limited indictment against Denney to meet a deadline under the Speedy Trial Act, but prosecutors have indicated they plan to seek additional charges against the militia leader.

On Tuesday, prosecutors filed notice that the two cases are related under a local court rule in the in the District of Columbia federal court district. Prosecutors noted that the cases arise from the same complaint.

“As detailed in the complaint, that investigation involves evidence — including messages and posts by two social media accounts, obtained by search warrant — showing the defendants’ planning and preparation for January 6, 2021, including the acquisition of weapons and protective gear, and their recruitment of others to join them in traveling to Washington, DC in the days leading up to January 6, 2021,” the notice reads. “Accordingly, the United States submits that these two matters arise from common activities which are part of the same alleged criminal event and arise from common search warrants.

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The allegations against Denney and Hazard point to broader coordination between the Texas militia group and other militants involved in the assault on the US Capitol.

As alleged in the initial complaint against the two men and again in the recent indictment of Hazard, Denney told Hazard on Dec. 21, 2020: “Trump is calling for a big protest in DC on January 6th. I’m not going to miss this one. If you can go, it’s paid for.”

On Christmas Day, the government alleges that the two men exchanged texts alluding to communication between Denney and members of the Proud Boys. Dozens of members of the Proud Boys, who formed the vanguard of the force that stormed the Capitol, have been charged, and on Friday North Carolina Proud Boys leader Charles Donohoe pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

“So, the 6th is going to be bigger than the last rally,” Denney told Hazard. “I can’t tell you everything I know over media here but it’s gonna be big. Millions and millions will be there, I can tell you that.

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“We will need linking up with the proud boys though,” Denney added. “I’ve been in contact with a few different chapters and they’re helping us with safe hotels to get.”

The recent indictment of Hazard alleges that he and Denney positioned themselves on the west side of the Capitol on Jan. 6, and Hazard yelled at police officers, “We’re patriots, mother***er,” while slapping his tactical vest.

“F*** you! You’re bought out by China, you communist f***!” he added.

As Hazard was climbing the steps under a scaffolding, the government alleges that he fought with a police officer, and as the two men fell to the ground, Hazard yelled to the crowd to get the officer’s gun. As a result of the struggle, the officer was allegedly knocked unconscious and sustained injuries to his head, foot and arm.