'Cabinet of Clowns': Peter Navarro settles White House grievances with book attacking former colleagues
Peter Navarro (Photo via AFP)

Right-wing economist Peter Navarro trashes his former White House colleagues as a “Cabinet of Clowns” in a new book.

The former White House trade adviser dishes up personal criticism of Donald Trump's high-ranking officials and advisers, including former treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin and all four chiefs of staff, according to excerpts from the book published by The Daily Beast.

“The first chief Reince Priebus was just the wrong, small, and inexperienced man for a very big job,” Navarro writes in Taking Back Trump’s America.

Navarro compares Trump's second chief of staff, John Kelly, to "using a chainsaw for open heart surgery," and says the retired Marine Corps general was “brutally and simply incapable of messaging anything to the press.”

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Mick Mulvaney remained the acting chief of staff for the entirety of his tenure, and Navarro says Trump purposefully withheld the official designation as a “little dig that the Boss liked to stick into Mick so he never got comfortable in the job.”

“The more Mick begged, the more permanent his ‘acting chief’ status would become,” Navarro writes.

Navarro's strongest criticism is aimed at Mark Meadows, whom he agrees was “the worst chief of staff in history," although he concedes that Mulvaney and Kelly are ignominious contenders.

“Note to Reince,” Navarro writes, “I think you would have turned out to be the best of the bunch if the Boss had only given you a bit more time to prove yourself.”

Navarro needles Mnuchin with personal attacks, saying he ”spoke like a robot" and came across as "cringeworthy and a Wall Street hack.”

“You should normally expect a murderer’s row of highly polished media killers in the cabinet secretary pool,” Navarro writes. “Regrettably, this was just not so in Trump Land.”