QAnoners believe dead tech mogul's computer was reactivated to 'reveal' NSA is spying on Tucker Carlson
John McAfee (Screen Shot)

Many QAnon supporters believe that deceased tech entrepreneur John McAfee is the "whistleblower" who revealed that the NSA is spying on Fox News host Tucker Carlson in an effort to get him kicked off the air, according to a report from Newsweek. However, some say it wasn't McAfee himself who revealed the alleged NSA surveillance — but rather a computer that reactivated following his death, in a phenomenon known as a "dead man's switch."

Carlson outlandishly claimed during his show Monday night that the Biden administration, via the NSA, is monitoring his text messages and emails. Carlson's conspiracy theory has been widely mocked as "nuts even for Tucker."

McAfee, the entrepreneur behind McAfee antivirus software, was found dead in a prison cell in Spain on June 23, in an apparent suicide. McAfee had been awaiting extradition to the U.S. on tax evasion charges. In the wake of McAfee's death, his social media team apparently posted an image of a "Q" to his Instagram account, unleashing a wave of conspiracy theories.

On Monday night, after a clip of Carlson's rant was posted to popular QAnon channels on the messaging app Telegram, many followers speculated that this, too, must be the work of McAfee.

"QAnon supporters have speculated that—as was the case after the death of billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein—McAfee did not take his own life or may even still be alive, " according to Newsweek. "Some QAnon supporters said they believed that Carlson's claims about the NSA arriving less than a week after McAfee's death is proof his apparent dead man's switch has been activated to expose Biden.

"Nancy Coleman wrote on Telegram in response to Praying Medic: 'McAfee would make sense...or someone who has one of his kill switches.'

"Jeffrey Lightwell said: 'McAfee makes a lot of sense. The Killswitch fired.'"

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