Bleach-drinking Trump supporter launches 'QAnon 2.0' at California conference
A QAnon supporter (Shutterstock)

Conspiracy-minded Donald Trump supporters are touring the country to hawk quack medical cures, gaudy merchandise and outlandish QAnon theories on the "ReAwaken America" road show.

The multi-city event is hosted by conspiracy theorist Clay Clark and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, and vendors sell Trump playing cards, self-published materials and "bedazzled gun-shaped purses," reported New York Magazine.

But the most popular booth is operated by Christopher "Vaccine Police" Key, who sells the bleach-based Miracle Mineral Solution.

“Chlorine dioxide!” Key said, swirling the mixture in a paper cup as customers pull out their wallets. “This is the most amazing product in the world. Remember when President Trump said ‘Drink bleach’? This is it!”

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At least 10 people who calls themselves doctors warned guests the COVID-19 vaccine may rewrite recipients' DNA, render them sterile or deliver other dire outcomes, and others spread wild tales about 5G frequencies and biological warfare.

“This is sacrificing children to Moloch,” claims one of those uncredentialed "doctors," Christiane Northrup. “You need to understand that this is the religion of the demonic cult that has been running the planet since the time of Genesis, and their time is up!”

Joining the fringe characters are Eric Trump, GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone and Kash Patel, a Trump loyalist who served various roles in the past administration, and Clark says Donald Trump Jr. will join the tour in New York, and speakers share their prophetic visions for divine retribution they're starting to describe as "QAnon 2.0."

“I hear all the time: ‘I came to see Eric’ or ‘I came to see General Flynn,’” said tour facilitator Aaron Antis. “They did not come to meet Jesus, and that’s what ends up happening to these people.”