'The Black people are running rampant': Republican uses Dan Abrams show to justify racism in C-SPAN call
Photo: Screen capture

Bobby from Grayson, Kentucky, called into the Republican line to tell Democrats they are stupid.

He attacked a previous caller who he said "white people [are] bad" and said that the Dan Abrams show "On Patrol: Live" is the best justification for his beliefs about the different races in America.

"You watch OP Live on Reelz channel Saturday and Sunday. You'll see what's happenin' in this country," the Kentucky Republican continued. "The Black people are running rampant. The illegals are driving around drunk and no license and stuff, hittin' people and they let 'em go. Now. So. I'd just like to say all you Democrats out there, y'all need to wise up because you're all stupid and you're too stupid to know it."

The "Washington Journal" show on C-SPAN is known for allowing both sides, as well as independents, to call in and say whatever they want. Most of the time, it remains civil.

"Okaaaay," host Tia Mitchell, who also serves as the Atlanta Journal-Consitution's Washington correspondent, said after the call, before quickly moving on. She remained quiet as the caller ranted and simply moved on.

The call-in line has had a few humorous moments, like the Republican who accidently made a case for reelecting President Joe Biden. Another caller was so enraged by Vice President Kamala Harris that he said she should be impeached for laughing. Another cited Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) claiming infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, killed more people than Hitler.

There have been cases in which the hosts strike back, like CBS correspondent Scott MacFarlane, who was sitting in as the host in Oct. 2022. The Republican caller alleged Jan. 6 never happened and got schooled by the reporter.

See the awkward moment in the video below or at the link here.

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