'Parents living a nightmare': Texas reporter emotionally struggles to process trauma outside Robb Elementary
Adriana De Alba (Screen cap via WFAA-TV)

A Texas television reporter struggled to overcome her emotional response to the Robb Elementary School massacre that left at least 19 children and two adults dead.

WFAA-TV reporter Adriana De Alba reported live from outside the school as families waited to learn whether their children had survived or been killed, and she powered through tears as she tried to describe the emotionally traumatic scene.

"It's heartbreaking," she said. "I can't even describe it, this feeling. It's been more than 10 hours since this tragedy unfolded, and parents tonight are still trying to figure out what is happening with their children."

"I'm sorry," De Alba added, blinking back tears.

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The station then broadcast an interview she had conducted with one father who was awaiting news about his daughter, but he said local authorities were unable to tell him whether to go to the hospital or elsewhere to learn what happened to her.

"That parent, like many, is living a nightmare right now," De Alba said, struggling to hold onto her composure. "Just hoping to be reunited, just hoping to hug their child once again. There are just too many parents who sent their children to school this morning, and now they are living a nightmare."

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