Rudy Giuliani: Let's set up 'safe zone' in Mexico and 'bomb the hell' out of it
Rudy Giuliani / Gage Skidmore.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani proposed a plan to "bomb the hell" out of parts of Mexico to set up a "safe zone" free of cartels.

On his Sunday WABC radio show, Giuliani explained how he would advise a president to deal with cartel violence in Mexico.

"If I were advising a president, I'd say, come on, let's show a pair of cojones here; let's go to Congress and have a declaration of war against the cartels," he said. "Let's actually declare war against them and say, we're gonna go take them out, and we're gonna set up a peace zone."

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"I'm gonna set up a safe zone between the United States and Mexico," Giuliani said, speaking as president. "And when you get control of it, pal, fine. But cartels, get the hell out of the safe zone because I'm going to bomb the hell out of you."

Giuliani is an unofficial adviser and attorney for former President Donald Trump, a 2024 candidate.

Listen to the audio clip below from WABC or at the link.