WATCH: 'Unhinged' Rudy Giuliani supercut highlights former Trump lawyer's most 'bonkers' moments
Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani's "bonkers" rants during the 2020 election now make "a tad more sense," according to Ari Melber.

The former Trump lawyer and one-time honored "Mayor 9/11," Giuliani is now the subject of a federal grand jury investigation, according to numerous reports.

During Wednesday's episode of the host's MSNBC show, Ari Melber reminded viewers that "Donald Trump tried several different plots to cheat in the election and to go after Biden."

"He tried to cheat against Biden before there was any voting, with Giuliani pushing this Ukraine probe which is now under investigation, and Trump tried to cheat after the vote ... with Giuliani going around the country trying to find people to change vote tallies."

The MSNBC host then aired a supercut of Giuliani's "increasingly desperate, baroque, and unhinged set of performances as those legal lines to contest the race closed up" following the 2020 election last November.

"It looked downright bonkers at times. It would have been absurdly funny if it wasn't so serious," said Melber. "But as bonkers as it was, it also now makes a tad more sense tonight from Giuliani's perspective, because the desperate lawyer knew that with his prize client out of the White House, he would lose his legal bulletproof vest."

You can watch the entire supercut here: