Rudy Giuliani is mystified as to why Fox News won’t air him: ‘They just say I’m banned’
Rudy Giuliani

On Newsmax Friday, Rudy Giuliani complained that he's not allowed on Fox News anymore to discuss Hunter Biden — and that the network hasn't given him a full reason why.

"What's the problem between you and Fox?" asked anchor Greg Kelly.

"I don't know, they haven't given me a reason," said Giuliani. "They just said I'm banned."

Dominion Voting Systems has sued both Giuliani and Fox News for defamation.

Giuliani suggested it may actually have something to do with the president's son.

Republicans have sought to pursue a story about the FBI probing Hunter Biden, to the point where a Republican member of Congress hounded Secretary of State Tony Blinken about the issue in a hearing earlier this month. Giuliani in particular encouraged former President Donald Trump on the matter, which led to him extorting the president of Ukraine to release dirt on the Biden family — the subject of his first impeachment.

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