Giuliani subpoena demands he turn over evidence for voter fraud lies — and what he was paid to push them
Rudy Giuliani

On Wednesday, CNN reported that the House January 6 Committee's subpoena for Rudy Giuliani requires him to hand over any evidence he purported to have for his claims about the 2020 presidential election being stolen — as well as information about his fees to push these claims in his capacity as an attorney.

"Congressional investigators are demanding information from former President Donald Trump's onetime lawyer Rudy Giuliani about contacts with members of Congress and state election officials, his fee arrangements and any evidence to back up bogus and sometimes outlandish claims of voter fraud," reported Paula Reid. "The subpoena also seeks information about Giuliani's failed attempt to use unfounded conspiracies to justify seizing voting machines and about meetings he participated in at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, where several Trump allies set up a 'command center' to discuss options for overturning the election results."

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According to the report, the subpoena for "kraken" attorney Sidney Powell, issued at the same time, also asks about her meetings with Trump.

A report last year indicated that Trump instructed his staff not to pay the fees Giuliani had been promised for his legal work on the election. Trump has also reportedly not lifted a finger to help with Giuliani's legal defense.

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