Former Fox host says Sarah Palin can join the 'backbenchers' caucus in Congress 'who never do anything'
Sarah Palin (Screen Grab)

Sarah Palin made an announcement on April 1, but she wasn't joking. She is, in fact, running for Congress in Alaska, along with 40 other candidates. Palin has never fully disappeared, despite conservatives making themselves in her image. Speaking to CNN on Sunday, former Fox host Chris Stirewalk said that Palin would be the perfect addition to a kind of loser caucus that never actually accomplishes anything in Congress other than to "be famous."

Speaking to CNN's Jim Acosta, The Grio's April Ryan quoted LL Cool J, "Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years."

"This is not new," said Ryan. "Sarah Palin, if she is elected in the special election run-off, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert won't be so much of an anomaly. Sarah Palin wrote the script."

Ryan explained that it was Palin who helped perpetuate the racist attacks on former President Barack Obama and continues to profit in American division.

"Kevin McCarthy is in for a ride if he has Sarah Palin and Marjorie Taylor Greene," she said.

Stirewalk took it a step further.

"All the people here have something in common, which is that they're desperate to be famous and desperate to be in power," he said of the infamous caucus. "It matters an enormous amount to them, and, I think, it matters in [Madison] Cawthorn's case. Look, he's been an unserious member -- and Palin would join a whole group of backbenchers who never accomplish anything, who, in both parties, never do anything. But they can be famous. If you're in the House, you can generate outrage, generate contributions, and generate hot garbage that you can bring around yourself to make yourself more famous."

He went on to say that he hopes Cawthorn is lying about the cocaine-fueled-orgies. In fact, Cawthorn said that the two were separate. There were Republican officials doing cocaine and people asking him to sex parties.

"What he forgets is, when he says that, he was implicating fellow Republicans of this and they say, well, Madison, you can say anything you want about the election being stolen, say whatever you want about whatever kind of flummery you want but you can't intimate there are drug-fueled sex parties going on among Republican congressman because that makes us look bad and could jeopardize the election," Stirewalk said.

As some have pointed out, things like the "big lie" and white supremacy don't appear to be a deal-breaker for the GOP.

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