Morning Joe serves notice to Trump that his 'witch hunt' complaints are losing steam
Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Citing new polling that shows more and more American believe Donald Trump should be prosecuted for his crimes, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough warned the former president that his incessant complaints that he is the victim of a "witch hunt" are increasingly falling on deaf ears.

On Monday, the "Morning Joe" host explained that, less than a week after Trump was slammed with a 34 felony count indictment in Manhattan, his support already cratered.

With co-host Mika Brzezinski prompting that new polling shows, "More Americans agree with the charges," Scarborough interjected, "So with all of these charges, just crazy talk this week -- these Truth Social tweets that he did."

"Actually the number of Americans who believe he should be indicted went up 5 percent this week," he continued before admitting he was unimpressed with the Manhattan indictment.

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"People like to talk about, oh, how this indictment is going to be great for Donald Trump," he continued. "Not in the general election it's not. 50 percent of the American public believe he should be charged."

"All that witch hunt stuff, all of that talk violence, death and destruction, World War III, one out of three voters believe that, but 50 percent of the majority of Americans believe, even after the indictments came forward with no new surprises, still think he should have been charged," he continued before adding, "I find that fascinating."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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