'This is banana republic stuff': CNN analyst stunned by detail from White House lawyers' meeting
Donald Trump (Photo by K Jim Watson for AFP)

Reviewing the testimony given and clips shown during Tuesday's House select committee hearing on the Jan 6th insurrection, CNN analyst John Avlon pointed out on "New Day" that he was struck by one telling detail that came out of the contentious meeting between two factions of attorneys in the White House in mid-December.

With CNN legal analyst Laura Coates and counterintelligence expert Phil Mudd stating an ironclad legal case has not been made against Donald Trump so far, Avlon claimed there is plenty for prosecutors to work with.

"This meeting that took place -- and again, the timeline is really interesting -- this meeting takes place hours before Donald Trump sends this tweet, which says, you know, come to the Capitol on January 6th, it will be wild. The descriptions of this meeting really are something," host John Berman prompted.

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"I mean, describing it as the most chaotic oval office meeting of the Trump era is the highest bar imaginable, but this makes a strong case for it," Avlon began. "You clearly have a group of outside advisers who are completely unhinged, as [White House counsel] Pat Cipollone says, not even bothering to meet the basic standards of anything resembling evidence, arguing that the president should seize voting machines."

"They come with a draft executive order, they're not just suggesting it's drafted," New Day co-host Brianna Keilar interjected.

"It's so totally crackers, but beyond that, this is -- this is banana republic stuff," Avlon added.

"Don't we have, by the way, [former attorney general] Bill Barr saying that former president Trump was asking him about seizing voting machines?" Berman asked.

"Yes!" Avlon stated.

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"You have Trump in on the notion of seizing voting machines," Berman continued with Coates chiming in, "And Bill Barr saying there's no probable cause to do what you're asking. Remember, you actually have to have some reason to seize things; it's called the Fourth Amendment."

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