Pile-up of Trump convictions could result in sentencing chaos: Guardian reporter
Donald Trump in Manhattan courtroom (Photo via AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC"s "TheAlex Witt Show," Hugo Lowell of The Guardian claimed that there is a very real chance that Donald Trump could be on the receiving end of multiple convictions in different cases that could have a serious impact when he is sentenced in each one.

As part of a discussion on the legal peril the former president is facing in Fulton County, Georgia over 2020 election interference, Lowell said that investigation as well as ones at the federal level could all lead to convictions and a sentence in one would have an impact on sentencing in others.

Speaking with host, he explained, "I don't think there's any one major legal issue that trumps all else-- forgive the pun -- but you have all these legal issues happening on all fronts, and they're all equally dangerous to him."

"I mean, the [Mar-a-Lago] documents cases is very dangerous, but so is the Fulton County investigation," he elaborated. "You think about the timeline of when these things are all going to coalesce; he has already been indicted by the Manhattan D.A. in the Stormy Daniels case. If he is convicted in that case, before he is convicted, for instance, in another case, that could affect sentencing guidelines down the road."

"I think he's got a whole bunch of legal issues and they're all equally dangerous," he added.

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