Trump crimes exposed by 'dead-enders' who finally reached their limit on Jan. 6: Morning Joe
Mika Brzezinski -- MSNBC

The House select committee ended its investigation by recommending criminal charges for Donald Trump and his inner circle, and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said their alleged crimes were exposed by fellow "bitter-enders."

A parade of witnesses -- from family members, campaign staffers, White House aides, federal officials and other Trump allies -- told the committee about the former president's actions and mindset in the days leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, and, especially, on that day, and the legislative panel concluded he had broken multiple laws trying to remain in power.

"He called [rioters] patriots, of course, and saluted them for what they did when he finally was pushed into telling them to go home," Scarborough said. "Seeing Kellyanne Conway there, and seeing Hope Hicks before that, really does underline the fact, does it not, that this Jan. 6 committee, they didn't call progressives. They didn't call left-wingers, they didn't call Biden supporters. We had one Trump adviser after another."

"One Trump person after another who supported him through the first impeachment, who argued for him through the second impeachment, who stood with him to the bitter end through Jan. 5," Scarborough added. "Every one of those people, to the bitter end, they were dead-enders, and then Jan. 6 happened, and even they never imagined that Donald Trump was this -- let me just say, lacked the most basic prerequisites of being a patriotic president. Isn't it remarkable that this has been a committee of two Republicans and just one Republican witness against Trump after [another] -- they're all Trumpists that have testified against him."

Watch the segment below or at this link.

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