Jan. 6 committee walks through Trump’s actions that could be considered witness tampering
House select committee official photo.

The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and attempt to overturn the 2020 election had its final meeting on Monday walking through all of the evidence they had gathered.

When presenting her piece of information, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) detailed the financial information that was allegedly used to persuade witnesses as they were called to speak to the committee.

"Many of these findings pertain to what has been called the big lie. The enormous effort led by ex-President [Donald] Trump to spread baseless accusations and misinformation in an attempt to falsely convince tens of millions of Americans that the election had been stolen from him. Beginning even before the election and continuing through January 6th and thereafter, Donald Trump purposely disseminated false allegations of fraud in order to aid his effort to overturn the 2020 election," Lofgren explained.

While Trump plotted and planned to falsely declare victory, what he did after was raise hundreds of millions of dollars off of the lie that he lost.

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"The committee found that Mr. Trump raised hundreds of millions of dollars with false representations made to his online donors," continued Lofgren. "The proceeds from his fundraising, we have learned, have been used in ways that we believe are concerning. In particular, the committee has learned some of those funds were used to hire lawyers. We have also obtained efforts to provide or offer employment to witnesses. For example, one lawyer told a witness the witness could, in certain circumstances, tell the committee she didn't recall facts when she actually did recall them. That lawyer also did not disclose who was paying for the lawyer's representation despite questions from the client seeking that information. He told her, quote, 'We're not telling people where funding is coming from right now.' We've learned that a client was offered potential employment that would make her, quote, 'Financially very comfortable as the date of her testimony approached by entities that were apparently linked to Donald Trump and his associates. these offers were withdrawn or didn't materialize as reports of the content of her testimony circulated."

She went on to say that the witness believed it was an effort to impact her testimony to the committee.

"We are concerned these efforts may have been a strategy to prevent the committee from finding the truth," Lofgren added. "Throughout the post-election period, ex-President Trump was told repeatedly by his campaign advisers, government officials and others there was no evidence to support his claims of election fraud. Even since our last hearing, the select committee has obtained testimony from new witnesses who have come forward to tell us about their conversations."

The committee then announced its criminal referrals of Trump.

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