Former Ethics Czar blames Trump for 'forcing the Dept. of Justice' to come after him in document scandal
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) revealed to CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday that the documents found among President Joe Biden's things aren't that big of a deal compared to what happened with former President Donald Trump.

"At the end of the day, my biggest concern isn't the classified documents, to be honest with you," Comer confessed. He said that he's bothered by the FBI coming to Mar-a-Lago to search for the documents. The FBI search came after over a year of negotiations. Even then, Trump refused to turn over the documents, which is when it was referred to the Justice Department.

He also complained about the FBI going through Melania's closet, which is generally what happens when the FBI searches for something. Another frustration of Trump's that is being echoed by his Congressional followers is that the FBI took photos of the documents on the floor. Trump has been very upset that he appeared messy to the public, "like a slob."

Ironically, when he spoke to The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, top Trump aide Kash Patel went so far as to say, "President Trump invited the DOJ in and said, 'Whatever you guys need.'"

When former impeachment lawyer and ethics czar Norm Eisen explained to Jim Acosta that there are significant disparities in the two cases and highlighting Biden's only hurts Trump more.

"It's important that he started by saying he wasn't concerned about the Biden handling of the documents as much as he was about the disparity, Jim," said Eisen. "Joe Biden is very unlikely to ever be in the kind of criminal trouble that Donald Trump is in because of his document handling. And it's the differences between the two — people are saying it's apples and oranges. It's beyond that! It's apples and elephants, Jim."

He explained that Trump had a "pattern" of behavior that involved fighting with those trying to get the documents back. Therein lies the information prosecutors will use to indicate "intent."

"He said they were his. He forced the Department of Justice, after many months of wrangling, to serve that search warrant and to do the search that Chairman Comer was talking about," said Eisen. "Whereas Joe Biden has been cooperating. It hasn't been perfect in every way. We both went to the White House to work every day for a period of time. We know it's complicated handling these things. I think there are good reasons for the way the White House has handled it, but no, I do not agree that there's any parity between the two. Donald Trump's legal exposure is much more severe."

See the conversation with Eisen below or at the link here:

It's apples and elephants comparing Trump with Biden