'Domestic terrorism on steroids': Congresswoman issues 'a significant warning' that Jan. 6 could happen again
A pro-Trump mob enters the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C.. - Win McNamee/Getty Images North America/TNS

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) told Raw Story after the House Select Committee's seventh day of hearings on the Jan. 6 attack that the House Judiciary Committee needs to act on their findings.

"This is sedition at best, treasonous in terms of, not my analysis, but an independent body must make that analysis as to what happened to ultimately bring the government down," she said.

What the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers talked about, she explained, is "domestic terrorism on steroids." The intent, witnesses revealed on Tuesday, "was to lead a body of people who really thought their leader, the commander-in-chief, really called them to defend democracy. But it was only a selfish defense of a person who did not want to see the peaceful transfer of government."

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Jackson Lee went on to say that the world is watching "whether America can tend to her business — whether she can be better than Russia. Can she be better than Hitler's Germany? Can she be better than some of the nations that have fallen victim to one despot after another?"

She wants to know what the next steps are for holding people accountable, whether it's those on trial for the Jan. 6 attack or those like Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and others who worked to overthrow the U.S. government.

"All our lives were in jeopardy," she continued to explain. "I heard the word, 'Kill every Dem, man, woman and child.' That's a massive task that the words were said. Somewhere you have to draw a line and you must say, 'Now is the time to begin the proceedings that they should be held accountable.' It's up to the Department of Justice and I think the Congressional committees have responsibilities as well."

She went on to tell Raw Story about the Republicans that Trump is working to get elected based on their level of loyalty to him.

"We should continue to inform so they can be like the Oath Keeper said, 'I know now that my life has been wrecked,'" Jackson Lee quoted. "If we can get the American people to know it's not just Democrats saying it, not just Republicans denying it, it's about truth. It means we could get ourselves from upside down to the right side, looking at the flag in the right way, and pledging our allegiance to this nation as patriots should."

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She mentioned the Terrorism and Homeland Security Committee along with the Judiciary Committee when it comes to oversight for the security threats that were ignored and persisted today.

"You don't hold this insurrection, the domestic terrorists responsible, then you are not the nation that stands to tell her children to pledge allegiance to the flag every single day," Jackson Lee continued. "The belief in the red, white and blue is more than a July 4th exercise. It is truly a place of value. So I would say let's not politicize it, as this committee has aptly not done, let's deal with the patriotism of who we are as Americans. And the greatest warning was that it could happen again."

She noted that the 2022 election is only months away and that there is a significant warning that it could happen again and that Americans should be concerned about bloodshed.

"We should be on notice that violence is not controlled," Jackson Lee said. "It has not been stopped unless we rise up and stop it."

She closed by saying that we should ask Americans, "what choice do you want to make? Do you want the choice of an insurrectionist government or a choice that says stand with the soldiers of our land who put on the uniform? They don't go and fight for what happened on Jan. 6. They go and fight or stand guard for a peaceful transfer of power."

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With additional reporting from Matt Laslo.