Former Trump Org. executive thinks Donald is 'enjoying' all of the court battles
President Donald Trump (AFP / Mandel NGAN)

Former Trump Org. executive Barbara Res told CNN on Sunday that she thinks that, to some extent, Donald Trump is actually enjoying all of the legal battles that he's experiencing.

Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Res conceded that Trump is likely feeling the pressure from the investigations, "but not the kind of pressure that a normal person would feel. I don't think he's fearing jail or anything like that. He knows that there's a lot going on, and what he's trying to do is make the most of it with his, you know, incitement of violence and is carrying on about the Russian state and things like that. Trying to feed his base and get and get some mileage out of it."

When asked if Trump was also feeding his ego, Res chuckled, saying, "I guess so." She explained that, to some extent, that's always a factor when it involves Trump.

"And you know the way he spins this somewhat involves the ego to the sense that he is so great, so powerful, so wonderful that his enemies are doing everything they could possibly do to bring him down," Res said. "But of course, they won't."

CNN host Fredricka Whitfield asked if he's dealing with so much and pressing to accuse others of what he's accused of doing, why he doesn't simply lay low.

Res chuckled, "Donald Trump laying low is like the oxymoron of all time. He never lays low. Of course, he's not going to lay low now. I mean, you know, if there were any possibility that this could have a negative effect on him, he would immediately run to twist it around and just spin it, and that's what he's doing. But he likes what he's doing. I think he's enjoying this to an extent."

She went on to say that as an executive vice president for the Trump Org. nothing happened without Trump being involved. Res explained that Trump would describe the outcome he wanted and people working for him understood that they were being asked to do whatever it would take to get the desired outcome.

See the full interview with Res below or at the link here.