'We found a draft he couldn’t dodge': Trump's failed legal strategy on his taxes roasted by legal expert
Press conference by US President Donald Trump at the NATO Summit in Brussels. (NATO photo)

Last week the Justice Department ordered the IRS to hand over former President Donald Trump's taxes to Congress.

There has been an extensive legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court, where the justices punted back to the lower courts to regulate and those lower courts said that Trump had to hand them over. He's still fighting it, but most legal experts say it isn't likely to work.

Trump's lawyers claim that the reason Democrats want to see the taxes is to find something "embarrassing," which isn't what Congress had indicated as they've seemed more interested in potential conflicts of interest.

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace that the Trump lawyers don't have a strong case.

"It looks like we find a draft that Donald Trump could not duck," he joked, referring back to Trump's imaginary "bone spurs" that allowed him to dodge the Vietnam War. "This is not hard. Donald Trump is worried of his investigators that the investigation is a political attack on him. There is no exception in the law because Donald Trump feels like a victim. That's not a thing in the law."

He continued to explain that the defense of Trump for refusing to show his taxes appears to be isolated to his general group of cult followers.

"The only people that this law is not clear to are the people in the world of Trumplandia who think Donald Trump can install himself as president in August and people like Jeffery Clark, who we were talking about earlier, who write these just bogus letters and destroying what the law in words and the English language means and this is ridiculous and tax returns should come out to congress right away," Katyal also said.

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