'A big freaking deal': Trump Georgia grand jury foreperson describes witness immunity deals
Fani Willis and Donald Trump / official portraits.

In an interview with the Associated Press, the foreperson of the special grand jury convened by Fulton Couty District Attorney Fani Willis divulged some details about what went on during the eight months the 23 jurors and three alternates heard testimony about Donald Trump's attempts to meddle with Georgia's election results.

Foreperson Emily Kohrs tells the AP that she had no prior idea that she would be taking part in proceedings that could lead to a historic indictment of a former president, although she quickly figured out that it was "a big freaking deal."

Kohrs refused to reveal anything from the grand jury's final report beyond what has already been made public, but she did comment on the demeanor of some of the witnesses --- several of whom repeatedly invoked their right to not incriminate themselves.

According to AP's Kate Brumback, "Kohrs was fascinated by an explainer on Georgia’s voting machines offered by a former Dominion Voting Systems executive. She also enjoyed learning about the inner workings of the White House from Cassidy Hutchinson, whom Kohrs said was much more forthcoming than her old boss, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows."

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The report notes that Kohrs claimed immunity deals played a big part in the testimony.

"When witnesses refused to answer almost every question, the lawyers would engage in what Kohrs came to think of as “show and tell.” The lawyers would show video of the person appearing on television or testifying before the U.S. House committee that investigated the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, periodically asking the witness to confirm certain things. Then the scratching of pens on paper could be heard as jurors tallied how many times the person invoked the Fifth Amendment," Brumback reported.

She added, "At least one person who resisted answering questions became much more cooperative when prosecutors offered him immunity in front of the jurors, Kohrs said. Other witnesses came in with immunity deals already in place."

Kohrs also said she and her fellow jurors were disappointed that Trump did not testify, while also saying her tenure as foreperson began when she had to "sign a big stack of subpoenas."

As for her political affiliation, she stated she is not a member of either party, before quipping, "If I chose a political party, it would be the not-crazy party."

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