'Major league all-star of grifting': Trump slammed by former staffer for ripping off hospice patient

Appearing on MSNBC early Easter Sunday morning, a former official in Donald Trump's administration claimed he was appalled at a New York Times report that showed that Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign was scamming supporters out of cash with a deceptive recurring payment scheme.

Speaking with host Kendis Gibson, former Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor expressed disgust with the former president.

With Gibson pointing out, "One person in the New York Times reporting was a cancer patient in hospice who couldn't afford utilities or rent," Taylor lashed out at Trump.

"My mother is a hospice nurse, you see how difficult life is for people at end of life and to raid someone of their money at the end of their life has to add onto that hardship for the whole family," he explained. "Look, this is what it made me think of when I saw the New York Times report: Donald Trump one time said he was glad there was a coronavirus pandemic because it meant he didn't have to shake the hands of his disgusting supporters."

"So, on the one hand, Trump doesn't want to shake their hands but he wants to raid their pocketbooks," he continued. "This shouldn't surprise us because this is who the man has always been; he's a major league all-star of grifting. A con artist, as my fellow guest noted; promoting Trump casinos, Trump Universities, Trump mortgages, and the Trump administration which ended up being a scam and we know the Trump campaign was a scam."

"Donald Trump once told me in office -- in an Oval Office meeting that he believed even if he didn't have a reason to sue someone, it was good to sue them because you got them to settle and do what you wanted," he added. "My suggestion for people who have been affected by this is maybe they should consider using Donald Trump's own advice and suing him back."

Watch below:

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