Donald Trump 'gave Jack Smith what he wanted' during his CNN outburst: Morning Joe
Donald Trump on CNN -- (CNN screena shot)

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough kicked off Friday's "Morning Joe" by focusing on comments Donald Trump made about the government documents he was hoarding at his Mar-a-Lago report during his CNN town hall on Wednesday, with Scarborough asserting the former president gave more ammo to special counsel Jack Smith.

During his conversation with CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins, the former president argued with her about the legality of taking the documents that led to the FBI showing up with a warrant with the case subsequently handed to Smith.

According to the "Morning Joe" host, remarks by Trump made during his 70-minute CNN appearance will eventually hurt him when it comes to winning another presidential election as well as financially and legally.

"[Trump] sounds like a superpower Dr. Evil had out of 'Austin Powers' or something. It really showed his arrogance," Scarborough said of Trump's comments. "It'll hurt him legally and also politically, where he says, 'I can do whatever I want with classified documents.'"

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"What does that sound like?" he continued. "I can do whatever I want to do because I'm a star with women, he says, Where he says he can sexually abuse women because he's been a star -- he said that -- 'Fortunately or unfortunately' there in the deposition. He doubled down on the 'Access Hollywood' tape. All of that, all of that is obviously going to hurt him."

"Also, he exposed himself, most likely, to another defamation suit from E. Jean Carroll because he can't help himself," he added. "It's probably going to cost him another $3, 4, 5 million because a jury of his peers -- this is straightforward, he defamed her once again."

"Yeah, so that town hall meeting ended up being costly for a lot of people. It'll be especially costly politically and going to be costly economically for Donald Trump because -- and legally in a criminal sense -- because I think he gave Jack Smith just what he wanted," Scarborough claimed. "So I hope getting a couple of people in the audience who were laughing and cheering when he insulted the host, when he insulting E. Jean Carroll, I hope that was worth it for him. It's going to cost him a lot."

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