Unsealed E. Jean Carroll lawsuit transcript shows Trump getting tripped up on the very first question
Former President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Florence, Arizona, on Jan. 15, 2022. - Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images North America/TNS

A judge on Friday unsealed a transcript of former President Donald Trump's deposition in the defamation lawsuit he's facing from E. Jean Carroll, and it shows him getting tripped up on the very first question.

As flagged by Politico's Kyle Cheney, the transcript shows that an attorney representing Carroll asked Trump about a social media post he made in which he accused Carroll of getting "paid by a radical, left-leaning publisher to say bad and untrue things."

The attorney then asked if Trump could specify which publisher he was talking about.

"No," Trump replied. "I just heard it was a publisher that did some very bad books on us."

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"I'll represent to you that her publisher was Harper Collins," the attorney informed him.

"Yeah and they haven't been great," Trump shot back.

The attorney then informed Trump that Harper Collins published the book written by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

"Could be, but they published some very bad ones too," Trump insisted.

Trump's last-ditch effort to get Carroll's lawsuit against him tossed out went down in flames on Friday after U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan accused the former president's legal team of making "absurd" arguments to try to invalidate the New York Adult Survivors Act that Carroll is using to press civil charges against him.

The trial for Trump in that lawsuit is set to begin in April.