Trump's legal team is in complete chaos as some lawyers are in, then out, then back in again: Washington Post reporter
Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig revealed that Donald Trump's collection of lawyers are a complete disaster, even as he appeals to the Supreme Court to stop the Justice Department investigation into the stolen White House documents.

Former Brooklyn prosecutor Charles Coleman destroyed the Trump legal team's argument about the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals not having standing in the case where they went shopping for their own "friendly" judge. He explained that if it was really an issue then it should have been brought up long before now.

"Usually if there was a question of jurisdiction or standing, that's something that would be raised in front of the court that you're saying doesn't have the standing, to begin with," said Coleman. "It's odd they will have already pled these things and argued these things and never previously made this a significant issue. But yet then turn around to the Supreme Court and say, well even though we basically responded to the brief and did not make this argument in the past, we are now really making this a centerpiece of what it is we want to argue about even though it's a technicality in front of the Supreme Court and basically turning around and making it a mainstay around this filing that has occurred."

But it was Leonnig who talked about the "next steps" for the former president being up in the air.

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"Charles makes a very good point that this wasn't argued at the 11th Circuit by Trump's lawyers," she explained. "I feel like it's really important to say that you can't underestimate how potentially chaotic Donald Trump's legal strategies are because, in any given week at The Washington Post, we are hearing from sources that this lawyer is out, this other lawyer is in, now that lawyer is back and important and leading the charge. Now that lawyer is sidelined. There's a lot of disagreement on this team about how to proceed. There's some back-fighting. There's a view from some of the newer lawyers that arrived that the lawyer there is in the first, not the former president got in a lot of trouble with legal advice. And I think anything is possible to be fair. Anything is possible in terms of what Donald Trump will try next."

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Trump legal team in chaos

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