Trump 'panicked' after FBI showed up at Mar-a-Lago because he never believed they would do it: Mary Trump
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC hours after the FBI showed up at Mar-a-Lago with a warrant, and Donald Trump issued a furious statement protesting his innocence, his niece Mary Trump said she saw evidence of panic in his response.

Speaking with host Lawrence O'Donnell, the niece was asked if her uncle was going to sleep well after the raid.

"This kind of thing couldn't have happened without his lawyers knowing," the MSNBNC hosts prompted. "There were plenty of hints."

"They're not really breaking in, they're just doing their job," she first said of the FBI agents before noting that her uncle is "Panicked."

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"This is just an example, in a very long line of examples, of Donald's narcissism and sense of entitlement," she continued. "He may have known it was coming but he could not possibly believe it was coming because it never has."

"How is your uncle going to sleep tonight,?" the MSNBC host asked.

"You know, probably as well as he always sleeps," the smiling Mary Trump answered. "Which is to say, not well. Because, you know, there are so many things dogging him in the last many years. He was in New York today because he needs to sit for a deposition in another case. So it is all coming sort of fast and furious."

Watch the video below or at this link.

Mary Trump: Trump Is 'Panicked' After FBI Search Of Mar-a-Lago