'Real paranoia' grips Trump camp as they wait for the next legal 'shoe to drop': MSNBC host
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During a "Morning Joe" panel discussion on Donald Trump's chances of running for, and winning back the presidency in 2024, MSNBC host Jonathan Lemire suggested that the former president and his inner circle are living in a state of paranoia about what will be the next legal, blow to arrive.

Discussing a new poll from the New York Times that shows 54 percent of those asked believe the former president is a threat to democracy, most on the panel expressed belief he will still be the GOP's nominee in 2024 and that Trump's camp thinks indictments will fire up his base.

Nonetheless, Trump and his inner circle still have major concerns about investigations by the Department of Justice, the House select committee looking into the Jan. 6 insurrection, a Georgia grand jury hearing testimony on election tampering and now a lawsuit by New York's attorney general alleging financial fraud.

As "Way Too Early" host Lemire explained, there is a great deal of nervousness surrounding the ex-president.

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"In terms of Trump world, two things -- a common phrase around here -- two things can be true at once," Lemire began. "On one hand, there's a growing certain that his inner circle has really shrunk in recent months. There's a handful of aides with him, whether at Bedminster or Mar-a-Lago. Even Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, some of his most trusted advisors, are now largely on the outer rim of Trump world at this moment."

"And there's real paranoia as to which shoe could drop in terms of investigations," he continued. "They're not sure which is worse. Is it going to be the Mar-a-Lago document case? Is it going to be what comes out of Georgia? Obviously now we have the lawsuits from the attorney general of New York state and, of course, the ongoing DOJ probe into January 6."

He later added, "The more that Trump is in legal peril, the more the chance that the Republican Party will rally around him -- that's what they think, anyway."

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