'How much more obvious can it get?' QAnon believers ecstatic over Trump's endorsement in latest meme
Group of women in Trump merchandise waving QAnon Flag during a pro-Trump rally

On Tuesday, VICE reported that QAnon adherents are rejoicing over former President Donald Trump's increasingly open embrace of their movement, symbols, and slogans.

"Trump shared a picture of himself wearing a Q lapel pin, overlaid with the QAnon phrases 'The Storm is Coming' and 'WWG1WGA,' on his Truth Social account on Monday evening. The post had been originally shared on Truth Social by an account called 'Patriots in Control,' before Trump re-shared it," reported David Gilbert. "'How much more obvious can it get?' one QAnon follower asked in the QAnon-focus Great Awakening forum."

In QAnon lore, "The Storm" will occur when Trump finally reveals that he has unraveled a global conspiracy of Satanic pedophiles and will announce mass arrests. QAnon adherents never explain why Trump never did any of this during the four years when he was president and apparently seemed more focused on rage-tweeting about "Morning Joe" segments.

"The QAnon movement has been in flux since Trump’s 2020 election defeat coupled with the lack of any communication from Q over the last 18 months. But Monday’s post by Trump has once again invigorated his most loyal base of supporters," Vice's report continued. "Telegram channels and message board threads lit up on Monday night with supporters who believed that once again, this was a sign that 'it’s happening' and that 'there's certainly no doubt now that Trump is openly endorsing Q.' 'Just in case it wasn’t abundantly CLEAR at this point, President Trump himself is making it UNDENIABLE that he is 100% aligning with the Q operation,' John Sabal, the organizer of QAnon-focused conferences, wrote on his Telegram channel which has over 60,000 subscribers."

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This comes as QAnon beliefs continue to be linked to real-world violence. Last year, a QAnon supporter in California murdered his children with a spearfishing gun because he believed they had reptilian DNA. Another in Michigan "snapped" after Trump's loss and shot his family.

Trump has increasingly relied on his own Truth Social platform to spread his messaging, although the site, created through the use of a "blank check" special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, has continued to see struggles. Last week, a vote to take the company public for more financing failed.

See the meme that Trump promoted below.

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