'Foolish' Republicans pounded by the Wall Street Journal for falling 'into a trap' set by Trump
Kevin McCarthy (Photo by Win McNamee for AFP)

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal dropped the hammer on members of the Republican Party who have joined Donald Trump's jihad against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, pointing out they have no business trying to interfere with his investigation of the former president.

Since Trump went on a rant last Saturday claiming without evidence that he would be arrested on Tuesday, he has gone on daily attacks against Bragg, culminating with his threat late Thursday of "death and destruction."

With the Journal's editors asserting that they are not convinced that Bragg has an iron-clad case against Trump, they also wrote that GOP lawmakers -- who demanding Bragg appear before them and explain himself -- are way out of line.

Worse still, they wrote that GOP lawmakers got suckered into a fight by Trump that they can't win.

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"Donald Trump, the Beltway press corps and Democrats don’t agree on much, but they do all want Mr. Trump to dominate the nation’s political news and conversation. The puzzle is why House Republicans seem eager to fall into this trap by investigating Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s potential prosecution of Mr. Trump," they wrote before adding, "Democrats couldn’t be happier that House Republicans are helping them in their Trump obsession by saying the GOP plans to investigate Mr. Bragg and haul him up before Congress."

They forcefully asserted, "This is a loser’s game. Mr. Bragg has said he won’t cooperate, and he has the law on his side," and then added, "His local police power is protected from federal intrusion as part of the Constitution’s separation of powers. If he refuses a House subpoena, he is likely to win in court if Republicans try to compel him. Even if he showed up at a House hearing, Mr. Bragg could rightly refuse to comment, as any federal or state prosecutor would, because doing so could jeopardize his investigation. He’s unlikely to comply with document requests for the same reason."

The editorial went on to add that Republicans are wasting time that could be spent passing legislation and doing the work they were sent to Washington D.C. to do before the editors took their final shot at the Republicans who have "hit the cable shows to talk about Mr. Trump 24 hours a day."

"Republicans are foolish to feed the Trump maw with a campaign against Mr. Bragg that exceeds their power and has no chance of success," they concluded.