Trump furious over his massive legal fees as investigators close in: report
Donald Trump via AFP

According to a report from Business Insider, former president Donald Trump is growing increasingly furious over his mounting legal fees stemming from a multitude of lawsuits as well as state and federal investigations into his business dealings.

With reports of a special grand jury having been empaneled in New York City to hear evidence from prosecutors looking into the ex-president taxes and business dealings -- as well as civil suits filed against Trump and his family -- the one-term president has told aides that his legal bills are "such pain in the ass."

According to Business Insider, "The former president is reportedly frustrated with the investigations because of the possible legal peril they bring and the financial costs attached to them," quoting the Daily Beast reporting, "The former president is reportedly also worried that investigators could drag the case out for years."

During an interview on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, former Trump Organization Executive Vice President Barbara Res told host Alex Witt, "I think he's so angry. All the things that he put in place, the things he put in place to get elected the first time and almost get elected the second time, both were unreasonably based, and all the other things, the attorney general and the kinds of -- the judges and all the things that he thought he had working for him all of a sudden are not there anymore. It's -- he can't avoid this. This happened and this is something he thought he could avoid."

Business Insider also is reporting, "Trump has still not paid [former New York Mayor Rudy] Giuliani for his work and instructed his aides not to pay the legal fees because he was upset that Giuliani had not done more to push back against his second impeachment that month."

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