Conservative freakout has made social media companies scared to enforce rules against violence: House witness

During a House hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Summer Lee (D-PA) pointed out that social media accounts are actually giving conservatives an edge on their platforms because there has been such an uprising.

She noted that the hearing "would be funny if it weren't real life. I understand my colleagues on the other side of the aisle want to be victims so very badly but if I understand correctly, public criticism and allegations of anti-conservative bias are actually making Twitter and other social media companies less willing to enforce their own policies against political conservatives; correct?"

Former Twitter whistleblower Anika Collier Navaroli agreed that it was her understanding based on the research done at Twitter while she was there.

"Meaning the same Republicans insisting on making themselves a victim is working?" asked Lee.

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"Could you repeat the question?" asked Ms. Navaroli.

"The same Republicans, folks on the stand who insist on making themselves victims in the conversation about Twitter's censorship and accusations they've made is this working because of the conservative bias and the implications of it," Lee asked.

"In other words," Lee continued," Are the allegations of conservative bias making it harder for those in Twitter to enforce these policies who incite hate speech."

"Thank you for repeating that question and asking it," said Navaroli. "Yes, these allegations very much have an impact on the leadership within every social media company as they hope to not receive allegations of being biased in anyway being politically one-sided."

Navaroli explained that a lot of the comments that Twitter focused on were things like "I will," "I plan," "I'm going to," I want to," and others. Phrases like "stand back and stand by," or "I'm locked and loaded and ready to go," were not covered under their policy, which is why there were problems.

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The right-wing freakout has made social media companies scared to enforce rules against cons