Marjorie Taylor Greene is a menace and a traitor -- and there's only one way to deal with her

Let's put in perspective the atrocious conduct of freshman lawmaker Margorie Taylor Greene, the pistol-toting Congresswoman from Georgia who wants to put a bullet in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's head.

Any private employer would have fired Greene already. Failure to do so would expose a private company, a nonprofit or any other employer to ruinous damages should Greene reach into her purse and use her Glock or if a fellow QAnon fan were to fulfill these homicidal impulses.

Any decent human being would get a court order to keep Greene from walking around with a gun in her purse.

But Greene is special because she works in the people's House. Under our Constitution, she can't be fired. She can, however, be expelled.

Republicans don't have the decency to expel a member with murder, bigotry and anti-Semitism in her heart, a weapon in her purse and a desire to overthrow the government in which she serves.

Our Constitution requires a two-thirds majority vote to expel Greene. That will happen only if 59 of the 211 House Republicans have the basic human decency to expel a member with murder, religious bigotry and anti-Semitism in her heart, a lethal weapon in her purse and a stated desire to overthrow the government in which she serves.

Expulsion, however, is almost certainly not going to happen.

It's not what the Republican Party's de facto leader, Donald Trump, wants. Trump endorsed Greene, untroubled by her racist and anti-Semitic screeds and her spouting QAnon craziness, labeling Democratic Party leaders pedophile cannibals and her insane assertion that California's wildfires were caused by a Jewish space laser financed by the Rothschild banking family.

Unrepentant Trump

But why would this, or anything else Greene has done, dissuade Trump? He is so self-centered and disloyal that he tried, and failed, on Jan. 6 to overthrow our government. That attack on our Capitol left five people dead, including two police officers. In this Trump is like Greene – he is utterly unrepentant.

We now know that the attack on our Capitol and the hunt to kill Pelosi, Pence and others were the results of planning by rebels that began just days after a large majority of American voters decided on Nov. 3 that Joe Biden would be our next president.

We also know that Trump, who riled up the crowd that morning and told them he would go with them to the Capitol before he took the cowardly action of hiding out in the White House, gleefully watching the violence on television. Trump was so enthralled by the mob violence on his behalf that he wouldn't take his eyes off the TV and take frantic telephone calls from members of his own political party who feared they were about to be executed.

What better evidence that with Trump, like every other mob boss and dictator, loyalty is a one-way street.

Coward Kevin McCarthy

As Trump plots revenge and hopes for a return to the White House, his ally is an American quisling, Kevin McCarthy, the California Republican who is House Minority Leader. McCarthy could whip votes to oust Greene. But if he did, he might well be ousted as minority leader. McCarthy is so weak he cannot bear the thought of that humiliation, cannot imagine being stalwart in defense of our Constitution. News reports indicate Trump uses a sexist epithet to describe McCarthy who only confirms the implication of the disgusting term by his conduct.

McCarthy shares with Trump the ability to speak out of four sides of his mouth, muddying otherwise clear waters about where he stands, what he believes and what he will do.

Of all the scoundrels that Trumpism has inflicted in America, few will be judged more harshly by history than McCarthy, a coward who chose loyalty to Trump ahead of his office and who is doing Trump's bidding in helping Greene cling to the office she does not deserve.

Five Members Expelled

Only five House members have ever been expelled, three for joining the Confederacy and waging war on the United States, two for corruption.

Greene clearly fits under the rebellion category. She is no less a traitor than John B. Clark and John W. Reid of Missouri and Henry C. Burdett of Kentucky, traitors who stood with the slave-owning Confederacy in 1861.

Any Republican who votes to keep Greene is making clear that they are as vile as she is, as disloyal as she is, as much a traitor as she is. A vote to retain Greene is a vote of utter disrespect for our Constitution and a violation of each representative's oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Harassing a Fellow Lawmaker

Greene is utterly unrepentant. Last week, Greene and her staff harassed a co-worker of equal rank, Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.). It's significant that Greene is white and spouts racist tropes while Bush, who represents St. Louis, is Black.

Greene, in a tweet, said Bush was the agitator. So did Greene's chief of staff, promising he'd release a video to prove it. But that as yet has not been seen by the public.

Bush told MSNBC that Greene approached her from behind while "ranting loudly into her phone" and "not wearing a mask." Bush said she called out for Greene to put on her mask, as House rules require, prompting Greene and her staff to "responded by berating me."

Bush was so concerned that she is having her Congressional office moved away from Greene's. Providing Bush with armed escorts seems within the bounds of reason.

It is terrible to have to brand an entire political party this way, but it is what the facts demand. This is a tragedy not for the GOP so much as America, where our Constitution hangs as if by a thread and the Republicans are sharpening scissors.

What happened to Republican lectures about the need for those in high office to have moral standards? What about Republican themes about taking personal responsibility?

The awful truth is that those were never principled stands, just mere slogans no different in substance than the catchy phrases and jingles used to sell bubble gum and shampoo.

QAnon and evangelicals: Republicans baptized in crazy

Donald Trump is out, but parts of the Republican Party warmly embrace his dark legacy of white supremacy, the crazy QAnon conspiracy and civil war wrapped in faux Christianity.

Like Trump, these fake Christians reject turning the other cheek in favor of threatening or promoting violence.

The problem here isn't partisan politics, but public mental health. DCReport has covered extensively the mental-health debacle thanks to Dr. Bandy X. Lee, Harper West and other experts on how delusions spread like viruses, with Trump being a carrier.

The evidence of craziness seems to be found entirely in the Republican Party. We looked for, but have yet to discover any Democratic Party leaders pushing baseless conspiracy theories or urging civil war.

Readers who have found such material, please send links via our DCReport Tipline.

Here are some of the ways that Republican leaders reveal their affinity for the anti-democratic nature of Trumpism and QAnon, its attendant conspiracy theory:

  • In California, the Sacramento County Republican Party elected to its Central Committee a Proud Boys member who has advocated violence.

"Illegal immigrants should have their heads smashed into the concrete," a 2018 post by an antifascist group quotes Perrine as saying.

Perrine didn't deny this call to violence, he only insisted that he's not a racist.

He told the newspaper, "They can call me a Nazi all they want, and I know I have plenty of friends of all races that don't always agree with me, but they still love me.

"The Proud Boys that I affiliate with are all working men, all married men, they all have good jobs, they all believe in God."

Only after The Bee reported this did some Republicans in the California capital come to their senses and demand Perrine's ouster.

  • Oregon's Republican Party this month aligned itself with conspiracy theories as well as denouncing all 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for inciting the murderous attack on our Capitol.
  • Texas' GOP uses a QAnon conspiracy phrase—We Are The Storm—in its new logo.

The slogan comes from a poem, not crazies, according to the Texas party chairman, Alan West. He is the former congressman from Florida and retired military officer known for making bizarre statements. In 2011, he wrote, "When I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool."

Arizona GOP for Trump, Still

Texas GOP Twitter Page

  • Arizona's GOP retweeted messages in December asking if people were ready to die for Trump and his baseless claim that he really won in 2020. The original Stop The Steal tweet was deleted, but the party's official Twitter account still refers to a person who says he's ready to die for Trump. It states: "He is. Are you?"
  • You might think that the party leadership in the Grand Canyon state, long a bright red jurisdiction, would examine its position after Democrats won both U.S. Senate seats and Joe Biden beat Trump in Arizona.

While the GOP added registered voters in 2020, it lost in ballots cast. Instead of reassessing, however, Arizona's Republican leaders decided to enforce Trumpian purity. On Jan. 23 the Arizona GOP censured three leading Republicans for not embracing Trumpian madness: Gov. Doug Ducey, former U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake and Cindy McCain. The widow of Sen. John McCain said she considers the censure a badge of honor.

Party leaders also re-elected the erratic and autocratic Kelli Ward as the Arizona GOP leader. She said her party suffers from "people who have been namby-pamby, lie down and allow the Democrats to walk all over them."

The party retweeted a menacing message. It is one of many from a Republican who holds himself out as a Christian despite tweets that are aggressively contrary to New Testament teachings about love, doing good to others and turning the other cheek:

"The Arizona Republican Party is still Trump country in all districts. Weak self-righteous sanctimonious Rs are on notice."

"Satan-Worshipping Pedophiles"

Arizona state Sen. David Farnsworth acknowledged last fall to the Arizona Mirror, a news website, that he believes the QAnon conspiracy theory but with a twist.

He said some Republicans have joined the top Democrats who, he imagines, run a global Satan worshipping cabal of pedophiles Trump is singlehandedly trying to bring down. Farnsworth told audiences that Arizona's Department of Child Safety is covering up, or complicit, in child sex trafficking.

Meanwhile, the FBI says QAnon is a domestic terror threat.

Other delusional beliefs so deeply and broadly infect the Arizona GOP that its leaders blame antifascists for joining in when our national Capitol was violently invaded by a murderous mob of Trumpers on Jan. 6.

  • Mentioned earlier, the Oregon Republican Party went further. It adopted a resolution asserting, "The violence at the Capitol was a 'false flag' operation designed to discredit President Trump, his supporters, and all conservative Republicans; this provided the sham motivation to impeach President Trump in order to advance the Democratic goal of seizing total power."

That's as crazy as QAnon.

Antifascist Nonsense

The FBI calls that nonsense, but you don't need law enforcement to know that the idea is ridiculous.

Saying Trumpers and Antifa jointly attacked our Capitol is like saying Trump is in league with Bernie Sanders. Believing, as the Oregon GOP leadership does, that the insurgents were lefties posing as Trumpers moves the party well into the realm of delusion.

  • In Hawaii, the official Republican Twitter account claims war is being waged against its members' values. And its relentless attacks on news organizations that check facts and correct mistakes include many fabrications.

Witness this Inauguration Day tweet: "Will you be joining PBS in calling for internment and re-education camps also?"

Nothing in the news clips it tweeted came close to substantiating the tweet, nor did the full PBS report.

There is a glimmer of hope that reality plays a role in the Hawaii GOP. On Sunday, Jan. 24, the state party's communications vice-chair, Edwin Boyette, resigned after sane Republicans complained about his tweets supporting QAnon.

Building a Theocracy

It's not just Trump purity that many GOP influencers are pushing. There is also their brand of Christianity, which promotes racial animosity, hatred of Democrats, intolerance and would subvert our Constitution to create a theocracy.

Consider Jenna Ellis, one of Trump's television lawyers who was paid at least $173,900 by his campaign. Ellis has met with GOP leaders in several states making fact-free claims that Trump won in November.

Ellis has a long and well-documented history of just making self-aggrandizing claims. She has a checkered career and her accomplishments are negligible, but Trump got one look at her on television and was enchanted.

Some principled Republicans see no future in a party swaddled in craziness. On Monday Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, a conservative with a level head, announced that he won't seek a third term in 2022 because of what he called partisan gridlock.

While it's true that compromise is rare on Capitol Hill, intransigence traces back to anti-taxer Grover Norquist declaring, "Bipartisanship is just another name for date rape" and Trump repeatedly retweeting QAnon-supporting craziness.

Like Flake, a Libertarian whose family founded Arizona, Portman would face a primary challenge from the crazy wing of the GOP if he seeks third term.

Expert explains why you pay more taxes than corporations -- and the people who own them

Now that we have a seasoned Washington hand in the White House working with a team of competent appointees and a plan to distribute coronavirus vaccines we can begin to rebuild our economy.

But there is a major problem that the Biden administration doesn't appear to be planning to tackle—our hidden welfare system for people who neither need nor deserve a handout, yet Congress lets them scoop up welfare money by the boatloads.

Raising tax rates on incomes above $400,000 and on corporate profits, as Biden pledged, will bring in revenue. It will make our tax system less unfair. That's all well and good. But it also misses the big money. It misses our hidden system of upward redistribution which I've spent decades documenting from the public record.

The core problem: Not all income is verified equally nor taxed equally, if at all. The current tax system is has big holes that can be easily closed by tweaking our existing law. In terms of drafting new law—that's easy. Getting the American people to demand it and overcome the influence of those who currently benefit is another matter entirely.

Earn Now, Pay Taxes Later

The first hole allows corporations and partnerships to earn now but pay their income taxes by-and-by. The second hole is income from legal sources that the IRS never knows about, especially in real estate and art. We'll examine this second hole in a future DCReport article.

Unlike you and me, corporations and certain partnerships large enough to afford sophisticated advice–and super-rich individuals who own and control big businesses–get to earn now and pay much later.

This happens because Congress literally requires them to keep two sets of books. If that sounds like the kind of organized crime schemes made famous by Eliot Ness in pursuing Al Capone, you got it right. What should be a crime is now legal thanks to Congress.

The number for income tax that a big company like Amazon puts on its financial statement line does not indicate taxes actually paid. It's not like your W-2 wage statement of taxes withheld from your paycheck and promptly turned over to our Treasury. That line (see Item 6) just shows the tax that the company may, someday, pay.

Hidden in Plain Sight

The actual taxes paid in any given year may be less than zero as a company collects refunds on past taxes. Many big companies including Amazon have enjoyed a negative income tax in recent years. Matthew Gardner of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy explains more here.

Source: Visual Capitalist[/caption]

Taxes actually paid are disclosed, sort of, in a footnote to the financial statements. But even that is misleading because our government's disclosure rules lack transparency and integrity.

And the taxes that should be paid are known only if the very best IRS tax auditors conduct an examination. But under rules that Congress enacted two decades ago, the IRS must notify companies in advance of what they are looking for. The IRS auditors are not allowed to pursue anything else they find, no matter how much money is at stake, unless they have clear evidence of fraud. That's official corruption.

Contrast this with Congress requiring your employer, pension plan, mutual fund, bank and stock brokerage to report how much money you collected. Petty merchants have the total of their credit card payments reported to prevent understating revenue. And it's all automated so the cost of ensuring that gross incomes are fully reported is low. The system for making regular people pay their taxes is almost perfect in its effectiveness.

Taxes as Profits

Complaints about the burden of taxes on the wealthiest among us and corporations make the front pages in the evening network news frequently. But you will almost never hear that many of these complainers profit off our tax system. That's because through the modern alchemy of accounting and tax rules they can convert the burden of taxes into a profit center.

The trick is to get a loan from Uncle Sam at 0% interest. Better yet, take out a new loan every year and the amount of capital the taxpayers are giving you to invest snowballs.

How do you apply for and qualify for these 0% interest loans? That's one of the best parts. You don't. Congress hands them out automatically under our accounting and tax rules. For simplicity, we will ignore inflation in explaining this stealth welfare for the rich program.

Don't Pay for 30 Years

Now please imagine our government sent you a letter today saying you can keep all the taxes withheld from your 2020 paychecks for the next 30 years, but you must pay up at the end of 2050.

Now invest that money in a stock that pays no dividend and increases in value at a modest four percent annual rate of return through 2050.

For each dollar of deferred tax, you will have $3.24 in 2050. After paying the $1 tax you are left with $2.24. You'll owe a 20% long term capital gains tax on that money. That leaves you with $1.79. You are richer than if withholding took the tax in 2020.

If the investment you made grew at a 10% annual rate, which wealthy individuals with sophisticated advisers should be able to achieve, the riches that flow from tax deferral balloon. Each dollar of deferred tax becomes $17.45. After paying both the deferred tax and the 20% levy on the capital gain you walk away with $13.16.

See how tax deferral can make you rich? See how it enables dynastic wealth?

How to Become a Billionaire

Now multiply that $13 by millions and billions. And now further imagine you do that year after year, as many corporations controlled by a single individual do. But for his propensity to squander money and cheat, Donald Trump's solely owned Trump Organization really would be worth more than $10 billion today thanks in good part to legal tax deferral.

Wage-earners, small and medium-sized businesses are not allowed this deferral, except in retirement plans. But you don't get the same tax deal.

When you collect from your pension, IRA or 401(k) you won't enjoy the low rates Congress levies on capital gains even though most of the money in your retirement plan comes from such gains. Congress says you must pay at the higher rate for labor, up to 37%. Except for those so poor they are exempt from all income taxes you will be burdened more than the owner of a company that deferred.

More for Their Heirs, Too

Also, while business owners can exempt more than $11 million from the estate tax whatever is left in your retirement plan when your time runs out will be fully taxed before your heirs collect a dollar. And it will be taxed at the highest rate your heirs pay Indeed, under new rules if you leave $4 million or more your heirs will be taxed at the highest income tax rate while heirs of a business owner leaving the same would pay nothing.

Paying higher tax rates and losing out on the estate tax exemption are not the only way Congress puts workers at a disadvantage to the wealthiest business owners.

Those 0% interest loans are not free. Someone had to extend the loan money. That someone is you. A dollar of tax not paid is no different from a dollar given out by our government. And in this area, we are talking in billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars of interest-free loans.

Here's how you pay. Congress spends each deferred $1 today. To cover that expense, it borrows money equal to what is deferred.

At the current blended average federal borrowing rate of about 2%, the value of the tax-deferred for three decades will cost you 81 cents in interest paid on government debt. But wait, it gets worse.

After taking those interest payments into account our government will net 19-cents on each dollar of tax-deferred for 30 years.

Warren Buffet Gets a Free Loan

One of Warren Buffett's companies has a loan that, the last time I found it in his disclosure filings, was worth $660 million. Half of it would still be unpaid 38 years later. With apologies to Mel Brooks, it's nice to be Warren.

Thanks to dynasty trusts that help generations of rich families build their wealth even as the number of descendants expands, and to the eternal nature of corporate persons, deferring a tax today is one of the most lucrative opportunities out there.

These are riches made first in the marketplace, where riches should be made, but then grow thanks to a stealth welfare program.

How to Do Something About It

The solution? Require one set of corporate books and a definition of profits set by the government instead of the cumbersome system of reconciling General Accepted Accounting Principles to tax rules. And then require that income taxes be paid under the same rules as your pay – when you make your money.

Congress could also end all existing deferrals, as it did in 2017 for profits siphoned out of America untaxed and nominally held overseas. The Republicans established that principle in the Trump/Radical Republican Tax Law in 2017.

To prevent a shock to the system Congress could require companies to declare how much is deferred, send the IRS a detailed report documenting this and then allow companies to spread tax payments across four years with an annual interest charge on the unpaid. A rate equaling our government's blended average borrowing rate would be a boon to these companies. That rate plus 1 percentage point (so about 3%) would encourage prompt payment.

Failure by the Biden administration and the majorities in Congress to address this stealth welfare for the rich would be a betrayal of the voters. It would run contrary to the promise in the preamble to our Constitution to promote the general welfare.

But unless you spread the word so people know how they are paying taxes to make zero-interest loans this burden on working Americans will continue.

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