French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for Covid-19

French President Emmanuel Macron will cancel all his forthcoming trips, including a scheduled visit to Lebanon, after being diagnosed with Covid-19, the French presidency said Thursday. "The President tested positive for Covid-19 today," it said in a statement, adding that he had been tested after the "onset of the first symptoms". Macron will now, in accordance with national regulations, "self isolate for seven days. He will continue to work and carry out his activities remotely," it said. The French president is one of several heads of state and government around the world who have contracte...

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Taliban renew call for 'Islamic system' during historic talks with Afghan government

The Taliban’s political leader reiterated his group’s demand for Afghanistan to adopt an “Islamic system” as peace talks with the Afghan government began in Doha on Saturday in a bid to end two decades of war that has killed tens of thousands of combatants and civilians.“I want all to consider Islam in their negotiations and agreements and not to sacrifice Islam to personal interests,” said Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban co-founder who spent eight years in Pakistani custody, adding that he wanted an “Islamic system” in Afghanistan.Speaking at the opening ceremony, US Secretary of Stat...

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As Latin America takes steps to counter coronavirus, Brazil's Bolsonaro snubs warnings

Guatemala logged its first fatality from coronavirus on Sunday as nations in South and Central America ramped up measures to contain the infection, with Panama banning entry of non-resident foreigners and Honduras closing its borders to passenger traffic for a week.The leaders of Argentinaand Perualso announced border closures on Sunday to curb coronavirus. Argentina will close its borders for 15 days to non-residents, President Alberto Fernandez said in a televised press conference.Public and private school classes would also be suspended until March 31, Fernandez said. National parks would b...

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Bernie vs Biden: Two septuagenarians lead Democratic field ahead of Iowa caucus

He’s the oldest candidate in the White House race, but Bernie Sanders has managed, yet again, to energise young voters with polls showing him running neck and neck with former US vice president Joe Biden in the Iowa caucus. But the first test of the US presidential race is known for throwing up surprises.As the first vote in the 2020 Democratic race to challenge US President Donald Trumpkicks off in the Midwestern state of Iowa Monday, Sanders has emerged as a candidate on the rise, with the 78-year-old Vermont senator tied with Biden, 77, in several polls.Biden and Sanders were tied at 25 per...

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Boris Johnson's Brexit gambit just blew up in his face -- now he has no working majority

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost his working majority in parliament on Tuesday when one of his Conservative lawmakers defected to the pro-European Union Liberal Democrats.

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'He must have had some French masseuses': French ministers seek investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s activities in France

Two French government ministers called on Monday for an investigation into the activities in France of Jeffrey Epstein, the US financier found dead in an apparent suicide while being held on sex-trafficking charges.

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Fifty years on, Stonewall veteran recalls milestone for LGBT rights

Fifty years ago, a police raid on the Stonewall Inn in New York sparked riots that fueled the modern LGBT movement. FRANCE 24's Jessica Le Masurier and Céline Bruneau spoke to a veteran of that fateful night.

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Climate-related disasters increasing as temperatures rise, NGOs warn

The number of climate-related disasters around the world is growing rapidly, humanitarians warned Friday, urging more efforts to prepare and build resilience to looming changes on a warming planet.

Climate shocks are already driving displacement, causing many to go hungry and are sparking or exacerbating conflicts around the globe, humanitarian workers said, cautioning that the situation is quickly deteriorating.

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Backtracking Marine Le Pen meets Steve Bannon and states she is open to closer ties

White House strategist Steve Bannon and signaled her interest in his project to help European populist parties.

Louis Aliot, a vice president of Le Pen’s National Rally party who is also her companion, said Friday on BFMTV station that she met with Bannon a day earlier in Paris.

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Thailand arrests two after finding tiger body parts in bag

Thai authorities have arrested two men accused of trying to smuggle tiger bones and meat to Vietnam on a bus, police said Thursday.

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Erdogan, Trump step up pressure over missing Saudi journalist

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged Saudi Arabia to release footage of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and President Donald Trump demanded answers over his fate, as the kingdom faced growing pressure Thursday to provide a convincing explanation for his disappearance.

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Crew of Soyuz rocket survive emergency landing after engine problem

The two-man crew of a Soyuz rocket made a successful emergency landing Thursday after an engine problem on lift-off to the International Space Station, in a major setback for the beleaguered Russian space industry.

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US student challenges Israeli entry ban in court

A US student banned from entering Israel for allegedly having supported a pro-Palestinian boycott of the country appeared in court on Thursday to challenge the decision.

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‘France has not declared war on Syrian regime,’ President Macron says

President Emmanuel Macron claimed Sunday that Paris had convinced Donald Trump to stay engaged in Syria "for the long-term", adding that French air strikes did not amount to a declaration of war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Fallout of Austin bombings exposes racial tensions, Russian bots and media distrust

Following a string of bombings in Austin early in March, the capital of the state of Texas has been plunged into national debates over race, media and foreign interference. When the man behind March’s five bombings in Austin killed himself after being cornered by police, it marked the end of three weeks of uncertainty and fear for the city’s inhabitants.