Anti-vaxxer (screen grab).

On Tuesday, Action 5 News reported that an assistant principal for Houston High School in Germantown, Tennessee has been reassigned following a social media post comparing vaccine requirements to Nazi Germany.

"The now-deleted post from Janna Matykiewicz read: 'What's the difference between vaccine papers and a yellow star? 82 years,'" said the report. "In response to Matykiewicz's post, a Jewish student initiated an online petition to have her fired. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for GMSD confirmed Matykiewicz is no longer at Houston High School but is still employed with the district."

As COVID-19 has necessitated requirements for masking and vaccines, several officials have come under fire for comparisons to Nazism.

Most prominently, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) compared mask mandates to the Holocaust, and ultimately apologized after fierce backlash — although she continued to invoke the Nazis in criticism of health policy after that. The chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, John Bennett has similarly come under fire from his own party for posting an image of a yellow Star of David patch reading "Unvaccinated."