No longer operational: Josh and Anna Duggar take down their official website
Anna and Josh Duggar [TLC]

UPDATE: The Duggar's website is back in business.

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Josh and Anna Duggar's official website is no longer operational, Time reports.

Additionally, Josh Duggar is no longer scheduled to deliver a keynote speech this coming weekend at the Teach Them Diligently Christian homeschool convention in Sandusky, Ohio.

After Josh Duggar admitted to multiple incidences of child molestation on Thursday, TLC pulled his family's hit reality TV series, "19 Kids and Counting," off the air. Duggar also stepped down this week from his position as a lobbyist with the Family Research Council, a conservative advocacy group that opposes gay marriage and abortion rights.

The 27-year-old Duggar's years-old sexual assault charges came to light via a Freedom of Information Request to Arkansas police, who released investigative documents from 2006 to In Touch Weekly. Filings show at least five minor females -- including sisters -- alleged to police that Josh Duggar forcibly molested them. Charges against Josh date back to 2002; it appears a three-year statute of limitations protected Josh from serving time for his crimes.

Many Republican presidential aspirants have posed with Josh Duggar -- including Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, and former governor of Texas, Rick Perry.

On Thursday, Arkansas' ex-governor, Mike Huckabee, affirmed his “support for the Duggar family” on Facebook, saying that Josh Duggar is being attacked by “blood-thirsty media” and deserves “our support.”