Roy Moore whines he’s being ‘harassed by media’ for pressuring teenage girls for sex
Roy Moore (Screen cap).

Roy Moore railed against "the media" during a late Tuesday event, claiming that he is the victim of a witch hunt. The claim is a familiar one President Donald Trump frequently uses when he comes under fire. Moore was also caught fundraising off of the so-called "fake news."

"Why do you think they're giving me trouble? Why do you think I'm being harassed by media, and by people pushing forward allegations in the last 28 days in this election," More told a church conference audience in Jackson, Alabama, The Hill reported.

"I'm the only one who could unite Democrats and Republicans," he continued. "Because I seem to be opposed by both. They've spent over $30 million trying to take me out."

Moore continues to come under fire by his own party, who has lined up to defend multiple accusers claiming Moore touched them inappropriately before the legal age of consent. The Washington Post published an explosive expose alleging Moore molested a 14-year-old girl when he was 32. Monday, Beverly Young Nelson came forward to reveal she too was inappropriately touched and threatened by Moore when he was also in his 30s.

Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall in the 1970’s for "repeatedly" hitting on teen girls. It was revealed that high-level politicians, local law enforcement and others knew of Moore's actions in Gadsden Mall.

The allegations have prompted the establishment wing of the GOP, along with party leaders, to denounce Moore, pull funding and look for ways to block him from being elected or taking office. Alabama newspapers are also beginning to pull endorsements from Moore.