View's Sunny Hostin nails Ben Carson for wasting $31K on table while insisting homeless not live too 'comfortably'
"The View" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin (Photo: Screen capture)

Sunny Hostin revealed that she knows Ben Carson personally and found it horrifying that the Housing and Urban Development Secretary spent $31,000 in tax payer money on a dinning room table and chairs for his office. They then went on to spend an additional $165,000 on "lounge furniture" for their headquarters.

During Wednesday’s discussion on “The View,” the hosts addressed the spending amid the White House budget, which proposes a $6 billion cut to the HUD budget. Half of those cuts would come from the Community Development Block Grant, which is a long-standing program that helps with everything from rental assistance to Meals on Wheels for seniors.

"I think he thought nobody would think it was strange," Whoopi Goldberg said. "You know, you could have just come to my house. I would have given you mine."

She went on to ask if there was a problem with some of the choices Trump has made for his cabinet.

They "seem to feel the piggy bank is there specifically for them," Goldberg continued. "That's a very specific amount of money, right? To do for your room."

Joy Behar cited the school of Trump advisors blowing America's money on their own personal needs for comfort and style.

"Tom Price spending tax payer money...on private jets," Behar began. "I think he's gone... Scott Pruitt is using tax money to fly first class and he's got plenty of money. And I think (Steve) Mnuchin also has issues. So, they just do whatever they want in this administration and there's no consequence."

Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke is also in trouble after spending for private jet rides around the Caribbean and military helicopter rides. When asked to provide details on the travel, Zinke refused.

But it was Hostin that was furious. She recalled her husband, a physician, knowing Carson while he was studying in medical school. Carson would invite the couple to their home, which she said was fairly modest.

"I'm very disappointed in Ben. I'm very disappointed in some of the things that he says," Hostin said. "I remember you and I were talking about two kids from the projects. Remember when he said he didn't want to make the projects too cozy because he didn't want people to feel comfortable enough to stay there. And I remember tweeting out saying, 'So, poor kids like myself, I should be penalized by the government and not have a comfortable place to live' and you're spending $31,000?"

She went on to ask how much the group thought it would cost to pay for a family to live in the projects.

"How many families could be -- their rent could be paid for?" Hostin asked. "I think he should donate that money and fund some families!"

The staffer that took issue with the extravagance alleged that she was retaliated against for the complaint.

Watch the full discussion below: