Trump is ignoring his duties to obsess over impeachment and panic about GOP betrayal: report
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

According to a report from Politico, Donald Trump thinks of little else other than the ongoing impeachment hearings being conducted by the Democratic-controlled House and is in a constant of panic that Republicans may turn on him.

Te report notes that the president has put all policy initiatives aside to concentrate on pushing back on impeachment and running for re-election earlier than had been anticipated.

"As White House aides and senior administration officials scramble to keep his administration afloat, Trump has become monomaniacally focused on impeachment," the report states. "Policy meetings and listening sessions have taken a backseat to his indignant tweeting and live analysis of witness testimony. The details of issues that once consumed his attention — such as immigration and trade — have been outsourced to senior officials, and Trump has opted to let others do the talking during meetings with foreign leaders that he would normally command himself."

According to a Republican insider, "His top priority right now is making sure voters know this is the single greatest scam in the history of politics. If that sometimes means spending less time in Washington and more time interacting with Americans, that is what he’s going to do.”

The report goes on to note that the president brings impeachment into almost all discussions and frets over how he is viewed by the public.

"Six current administration officials and people close to the president described Trump as increasingly interested in how the investigation is impacting his political standing, and more paranoid than ever about Republican defections," the report notes. "In late-night phone calls to longtime pals, Trump has grumbled about the stain impeachment is likely to leave on his legacy, according to a Republican who spoke with the president recently. Others said he spends the bulk of his time monitoring reactions to impeachment, as well as what his defenders are saying, on Twitter and on cable news, and then relays his concerns to the group of aides handling the White House’s impeachment strategy."

According to Chris Whipple, an expert on presidential schedules and author of “The Gatekeepers” about past White House chiefs of staff, Trump has a singular focus -- and that is on himself.

“It’s no real mystery why he’s handing things off to other people. He cares about his grievances and his reelection, and that’s it,” Whipple observed.

According to one GOP observer, Trump's constant harangues about impeachment could come back to bite him once the 2020 elections rolls around.

“Talk about the roaring economy, talk about tax reform, talk about taking on China and striking a trade deal with Japan. But for God’s sake, don’t spend an hour-long rally complaining about impeachment and criticizing Republicans who haven’t been loyal enough,” the Trump ally confided.

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