Central Park dog walker Amy Cooper files lawsuit against former employer -- claiming racial discrimination over firing
Amy Cooper (Screen Capture)

Amy Cooper, who ignited a firestorm after she called 911 to falsely accuse Christian Cooper -- a Black Central Park bird watcher -- of threatening her life, has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, Franklin Templeton. She claims she is the victim of racial discrimination.

Following backlash when video of the incident went viral, Cooper was initially charged by NYPD for making a false report. But after she "completed a therapeutic educational program that included instruction about racial biases," the charges were dropped.

In the lawsuit, Cooper maintains that Franklin Templeton cast her as a "racist" when it fired her. She also complains her former employer did not conduct its own independent investigation into the incident. Cooper claims she was fearful and not racist.

As Axios points out, the lawsuit states, "This confrontation became international news as a racial flashpoint, characterized as a privileged white female 'Karen' caught on video verbally abusing an African American male with no possible reason other than the color of his skin."

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, Franklin Templeton said it would defend "these baseless claims ...We believe the circumstances of the situation speak for themselves and that the Company responded appropriately," the company said.