Fox News host predicts Biden’s weed policies will be the downfall of society: 'It’s just filthy laziness'
Photo: Screen capture

Fox News on Tuesday railed against President Joe Biden's recent decision to pardon those convicted on federal charges of cannabis possession. Biden also said that he wants to begin the process of researching whether cannabis should be changed from its classification of a Schedule I drug, which is the same as heroin, LSD and other serious drugs.

States around the country are voting to legalize cannabis, including red states like Oklahoma. But according to Fox News host Bill Hemmer, his neighborhood is overwhelmed by smokers.

"If you want to legalize [cannabis] on the federal level, I would suggest lawmakers in Washington, D.C. come to my neighborhood first and say, is this what you want all of America to be? Because you'll get a contact high going to the coffee shop," said Hemmer.

In Amsterdam, cannabis bars are actually referred to as "coffee shops."

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But it was Fox Across America host Jimmy Failla who took it even further. He explained that the quality of life issue that comes with legalization is so serious that it results in the downfall of society.

"It's everywhere. It's everywhere you go. And the quality of life issue is what no one talks about. Yeah, it's just weed. It's not quite heroin. It's not quite fentanyl. I understand. But there's an overall decay in the neighborhood, almost similar to like 'broken windows' policing -- when you start with a lowered standard, you see everything around it increase exponentially. And that's what pot has brought. It's just filthy laziness and I'm not a fan. Come on, man."

Co-host Dana Perino stayed silent until the end and said that she wanted to go back to talking about Halloween and considered going as a joint.

See the video below or at this link.