Anti-vaxxers throw live fireworks and garbage at Colorado clinics — forcing them to shut down

Health officials are shutting down at least three mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinics in two Colorado counties due to violent attacks from protesters.

Anti-vaxxers have thrown live fireworks and garbage at the sites, driven a car onto a curb toward a vaccine worker, hurled an unidentified liquid on a nurse, run over temporary signs, and screamed profanities, according to reports.

"Unfortunately, this isn't new," Dr. Dawn Comstock of Jefferson County Public Health told Denver's Channel 7, adding that she's "fed up" with the "criminal behaviors."

Anti-vaxxers throw live fireworks and garbage at Colorado clinics — forcing them to shut down

"We've had someone throw live fireworks. We've had someone drive up onto a curb toward a vaccination staff member," Comstock said. "I respect everyone's right to their own opinion. What I do not respect is violence and contempt and acting abusively toward Jefferson County Public Health staff. I'm tired of being polite and calling it misinformation. It is lies, and those lies are contributing to continued loss and suffering in our community."

According to the Denver Post, Jefferson County Public Health pulled three mobile vaccine vans off the road over Labor Day weekend in response to the incidents. The vans, which served Jefferson and Gilpin counties, had administered 11,000 COVID vaccines since spring.

"I will not put the hard-working public health staff in harm's way. It's the epitome of selfishness and I am angry today. ... I feel COVID has killed our better angels," Comstock told the Post. "These mobile vaccine clinics have been incredibly effective at bringing the vaccine to community members where they are. Unfortunately it's not safe anymore."

The newspaper noted that similar incidents have occurred recently in California and France.

Some Republicans in Congress, including Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, have all but encouraged their supporters to commit violence against vaccine workers.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office released a statement saying authorities are "aware of instances of bad behavior" and have increased patrols, but no charges have been filed.

Watch Channel 7's report below.

Jefferson County shuts down mobile vaccine sites after drivers repeatedly harass staff