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The worst thing that Donald Trump can be called in his mind is a "loser," but after Tuesday's election losses, the former president is being called the "biggest loser."

Speaking to Mehdi Hasan on Sunday, his niece Dr. Mary Trump said that the losses that her uncle experienced are by far the worst thing that could happen to him.

"We cannot overestimate the extent and size of the narcissistic injury Donald has just suffered," said Dr. Trump, who is a psychologist. "I think it's probably the most debilitating one he's ever experienced in his entire life. Not simply because he performed poorly in terms of endorsement and in terms of the candidates he picked, but because he can always explain that away, he can always blame somebody else. But the rhetoric that is coming from not just the party that supported him, but that essentially is responsible for him, it's impossible to ignore."

As part of her analysis of her uncle, she explained that the worst thing anyone can be called in his mind is a "loser." Now, he's being labeled the "biggest loser."

Hasan showed a series of clips of Republicans fumbling to resist saying whether they were supporting Trump in 2024. Meanwhile, Fox hosts are begging the ex-president to move on. The host asked if things like this will influence Trump one way or another when it comes to his 2024 decisions.

"I think in this kind of case with Donald, external forces don't have as much of an impact on his own need to protect himself, and his very fragile ego," said Dr. Trump. "I can, obviously, I have no idea what he's gonna do, or who's in his ear, but, not running, I mean -- not announcing a run would be an admission of something that I'm not entirely sure he's ready to admit. The other thing about all of these up until now vehement Donald Trump supporters, is that we can't let them get away with this. Whether they supported him or don't support him, they're the problem now. So, allowing them to distance themselves from him, and so-called Trumpism, would be a fatal mistake in my opinion."

Hasan went on to say that in 2016 her uncle wiped the floor with all sorts of Ron DeSantis-like politicians and wondered if he would again. Dr. Trump explained that she didn't think DeSantis could win up against the MAGA crowd.

In an earlier interview, she warned that Trump would burn everything to the ground if Republicans turn their backs on him.

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Mary Trump on biggest loser uncle