'There will be blood': Trump biographer warns former president may not be able restrain his fans
Donald Trump supporters (Photo by Olivier Douliery for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC on Saturday morning, investigative reporter and author of one of the many biographies of Donald Trump warned Americans they should expect violence due to the Manhattan grand jury's indictment of the former president.

Speaking with host Ali Velshi, David Cay Johnston said he had no doubt blood will be spilled as the former president's fans act out on their fury at his legal problems.

"I am worried that there is some effort to fuel armed resistance or violent resistance," host Velshi stated.

"There will be blood," Cay Johnston agreed. "There's going to be people who believe Donald Trump's nonsense and think he is a demi-god or a god. They are going to commit some violent acts, but you are not going to see mass insurrection the way we did on Jan. 6."

"There are lots of studies that have been done, that I have read, on revolutions; revolutions are led by highly-educated people -- Fidel Castro was a lawyer -- and by young men who conclude that the known future is so horrible that they will go with an unknown future," he explained. "That is not the condition in America. The people who stormed the Capitol were in their late twenties, 30s, 40s, 50s. They were not young men. And, now that they have seen how seriously those crimes are being prosecuted, it is highly unlikely Trump could get people to replicate that kind of behavior."

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"On the other hand, look at the Republican leaders who are fomenting an anti-law order message, attacking the legitimacy of a routine criminal investigation that is being carried out by prosecutors, detectives, and a grand jury," he continued. "This is a stunning and important development, this abandonment of the rule of law by people who should know better."

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