Morning Joe mocks Trump for 'sweating and blubbering' toward another defeat in Georgia grand jury probe
Donald Trump (AFP)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Wednesday mocked Donald Trump's repeated and catastrophic failures in Georgia.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and key members of Trump's legal team, including Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, have been subpoenaed by a special grand jury investigating efforts to overturn his election loss in the state, which the "Morning Joe" host said was yet another stunning loss there for the former president.

"It's so fascinating, the outsized influence that Georgia has had," Scarborough said. "You know, not to be too melodramatic, let's go full [historian Jon] Meachem here, [in] early September 1864, General [William] Sherman marches into Atlanta, Union troops are in trouble. Sherman takes the city of Atlanta, marches and his campaign in Georgia ends up being the Confederacy's own Waterloo. It also helps to re-elect Abraham Lincoln, who probably wouldn't have been re-elected if he not done that. But Georgia may be Donald Trump's Waterloo, as well."

Trump lost the state in 2020 that he had won four years earlier, and Scarborough also blames him for the loss of the GOP's Senate majority.

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"You think about that he lost his campaign there," Scarborough said. "Think about the fact when he went in, he actually lost Republicans their Senate majority. You ask any Republican senator that's sitting right now they'll privately, at least, tell you they'd be in the majority but for Donald Trump blubbering and sweating his way through Georgia, and getting two Democrats elected in special elections. You look at the veneer of inevitability forever shadowed in the Republican Party when the two people he hated the most, the two people he declared war on the most, [Gov.] Brian Kemp, who he said he'd support Stacey Abrams over Brian Kemp, and Brad Raffensperger, both of them, just completely crushed his handpick-picked opponents, and now you've got a [district attorney] that's looking into his attempts to rig the election, to rig the recount, to rig the vote count, to rig with Lindsey Graham, the secretary of state said, to rig the mail-in votes, to throw in -- to throw out mail-in votes."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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