'It is a dangerous time in America!!!': Trump has overnight meltdown over Jack Smith investigations
Donald Trump

Donald Trump took to his Truth Social account in the wee hours of Saturday morning to lash out at special counsel Jack Smith as reports grow that he is closing in on witnesses at Mar-a-Lago over the stolen documents recovered by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago.

The former president had a bad week as the E. Jean Carroll rape and defamation trial was wrapping up, it was reported late Friday that 8 accused fake Trump electors in Georgia took immunity deals, and the DOJ investigations into both his activities around the Jan. 6 insurrection and the Mar-a-Lago inquiry are ramping up.

Special counsel Jack Smith took the brunt of the former president's meltdown, with the Trump declaring him a "persecutor."

The former president also ominously warned, "It is a dangerous time in America!!!"

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He first wrote, "The Special 'Prosecutor,' Jack Smith, who is harassing, threatening, and terrorizing people who work for me, probably illegally, and totally at odds with the way Crooked Joe Biden is being treated, will no longer be known as the Special 'Prosecutor,' but rather, the Special 'Persecutor.' He is a Trump Hating SLIMEBALL who is going far beyond the original instructions of the Department of Injustice. The Witch Hunt continues, as it always will, with the Radical Left, Country Destroying, Lunatics!"

Moments later he added, "All of these Fake Prosecutions are merely being done to Interfere with, and Influence, our Elections. It is a dangerous time in America!!!"